Seolhyun “It looks like a broken screen in front of my eyes”.. Appeals for health problems → Asks for help

[OSEN=김나연 기자] AOA’s Seolhyun asked for help with health problems.

On the 25th, Seolhyun posted on her Instagram story, “Does anyone know what the reality in front of you looks like because of the disconnection of Wi-Fi, like a video fairy tale screen?”

A fan who saw this said, “Are you eating well? I think I’ve heard that this often happens on an empty stomach,” and Seolhyun responded with a picture of a bowl of rice and side dishes.

Another fan answered, “I’m not getting enough sleep,” and Seolhyun asked, “Is sleep better?” He also explained, “Isn’t it bloating?” and “Is it not for orthostatic hypotension?”, “It doesn’t seem like it,” and “It’s okay to sit down.”

Then one fan said, “Me too, but it’s okay if you’re tired. If you rest for a day or two, you’ll come back to normal,” and Seolhyun replied, “Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Seolhyun recently appeared in the tvN drama ‘The Murderer’s Shopping List’.


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