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Seon-woo Hwang, ‘Retrostroke stopped at the last 50m’, 200m freestyle, 7th place worthwhile[도쿄올림픽]

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Seon-woo Hwang (Seoul Chego 3), who competed in the men’s 200-meter semifinals at the Tokyo Olympics held at the Tokyo Aquatics Center on the 26th, is performing. Olympic Photography Foundation
Hwang Seon-woo (18, Seoul Chego)’s backstroke stopped at the last 50m.

Hwang Seon-woo recorded the touch pad at 1:45.26 in the men’s freestyle 200m final at the Tokyo Olympics held at the Aquatics Center in Tokyo, Japan on the 27th. The final score was 7th.

In the preliminary round on the 25th, Hwang Seon-woo advanced to the semi-finals with 1st place overall, breaking Park Tae-hwan’s previous Korean record at 1:44.64. In the semifinals, he lost some strength and finished 6th out of 16 people at 1:45.53 and got a ticket to the finals.

After Park Tae-hwan at the 2012 London Olympics, it was the first time in nine years for a Korean swimmer to advance to the final in the Olympic management event.

It was predicted that a gold medal would be possible thanks to the reverse performance shown in the preliminary round. The expectations were high as well.

Hwang Seon-woo, who played a role in lane 7, took the lead from 50 m. The 50m record was 23 seconds 95. Then, after passing 100m, he was in the lead until he turned 150m. The gap with the rest of the players was quite large, so it seemed that the gold medal was near.

But I couldn’t stand the last 50m.

Failed to adjust the face. In the last 50m section, the last spurts of the rest of the players were played, whereas Hwang Seonwoo had the worst 50m record at 28.70. In the end, the game ended in 7th place.

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