Seongnam City Flu (flu) Free Vaccination Business, etc.

View from Seongnam City Hall[아주경제DB]

Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, is speeding up municipal administration by launching a free flu vaccination project and participating in a slogan contest for the Gyeonggi Sports Festival to be held in May next year.

According to the city on the 19th, a free flu (flu) vaccination program will be implemented from the 21st.

Those receiving the free vaccination include disabled and basic living recipients (currently aged 40 or over), which have been extended to all age groups from this year, and those between 6 months and 13 years, pregnant women, and over 60 years. old

For this vaccination, the city invested 7.9 billion won (including 3.4 billion won from national and provincial costs) to ensure quadrivalent vaccine, and has designated 465 local hospitals and clinics as committed medical institutions.

For social distancing and safety vaccination, the date and location of vaccination was also separated by age.

Children who need to receive two doses of flu vaccine are vaccinated first, so they can visit a nearby designated medical institution from the first day of free vaccination.

Children and pregnant women subject to a single flu vaccination will be vaccinated in designated medical institutions from October 5.

△ From October 12 for those aged 75 and over △ From October 17 for those aged 70 to 74 △ From 20 October for those aged 65 to 69 △ October 24 for those aged 60 to 64 whose address in Seongnam district according to resident registration Vaccinations are available at designated medical institutions.

In accordance with the promise of the 8th mayor, all age groups and persons with disabilities living in the municipality are eligible for a free flu vaccination, and from the 24th of next month, they can visit a designated medical institution, public health center, or Pangyo Health Centre.

In addition, people of national merit and those with chronic diseases over the age of 40 can receive free vaccination from October 24 only at the public health center or Pangyo health center at their address.

Slogan competition for Cyeonggi-do Sports Complex in May next year

At the same time, the city will also open a competition for the slogan (motto) of the Gyeonggi Sports Complex to be held in the region in May next year.

It is open to all citizens, and the competition period is from the 21st of next month to the 4th of next month.

The competition is held in two categories: Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival and Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival for the Disabled.

The 8th municipal slogan ‘Seongnam, a city of hope for progress and innovation’ and the provincial slogan, ‘Centre of change, a game of opportunity’, contain the characteristics and vision of the city administration slogan, but the content should be symbolically expressed in sentences of 20 characters or less, you must express

The city plans to award a total of 5 million won by selecting 10 cases in each of 5 categories within the next month by screening creativity, communication, and clarity. The two incentives are 25 million each.

Meanwhile, the city plans to use the best works in each category as slogans for the ’69th Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival’ and ’13th Gyeonggi-do Disabled Sports Festival’.

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