Seongsu 2-ga 3-dong, Seongdong-gu, vitamin D support for the elderly living alone

The Community Safety Council in Seongsu 2-ga 3-dong, Seongdong-gu provided vitamin D for the elderly living alone.

[성동저널 김재태 기자] Seongsu 2-ga 3-dong, Seongdong-gu (Dong Jong-cheol Hong) Local Social Security Advisory Group (Chairman Park Eun-bong) announced on the 17th that it is providing vitamin D supplements to 10 elderly people living alone who were unable to move.

This vitamin D support, sponsored by Seoul Livestock Saemaul Geumgo (Chairman Yoo Jae-chun), is provided to vulnerable elderly people who live alone and living in environments without sunlight such as semi-basements and sheds and who have difficulty going for regular walks or sunbathing due to illness or other mobility problems.

Park Eun-bong, chairman of the Community Safety Council, said, “I am happy to be able to volunteer for the elderly who always say thank you.”

Hong Jong-cheol, head of Seongsu 2-ga 3-dong, said, “I would like to thank Jae-Chun Yoo, chairman of Seoul Livestock Saemaul Geumgo, who continuously supports the project, and the council members who work for it . the happy lives of neighbors in need.” I will do my best to become a 3rd building,” he said.

In addition, the Seongsu 2-ga 3-dong Community Safety Council provided bath coupons to low-income residents living in vulnerable areas (gosiwon, semi-basement, etc.) with the support of Seoul Saemaeul Geumgo Livestock this year, and Yakult provided, kimchi and summer blankets for the elderly living alone, and the vulnerable with mobility difficulties We promote various tailored welfare projects such as concert viewing assistance.

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