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Seorin C&I (CEO: Jeon Deok-kyu), a company specializing in the import and distribution of main computer-related parts, introduces the new 140mm standard SL-INF 140 to the Uni FAN SL Infinity series (Unifan SL -INF) LIAN LI. was officially released.

The Lian Li Unifan SL-INF 140 is available in two colors, black and white, and only a 1-pack package contains only 1 unit, so it’s a 3-pack with 3 fans in one package like the SL – INF 120. Product not provided.

Unifan SL-INF 140 is a 140mm product with a larger size than the previously released 120mm standard, SL-INF 120, and all appearances except the size are the same. Therefore, infinity mirrors with 0.5mm intervals are applied to the center and side areas of the impeller, and addressable RGB (ARGB) is supported to reduce blind spots in lighting effects while providing a unified lighting effect to the system. In the center of the impeller on the back side, where the infinity mirror is not applied, an aluminum plate engraved with the Lian-Li logo and an ARGB edge around the aluminum plate along its length make it possible to create a different lighting effect before. .

The Lian Li Unifan SL-INF 140 continues the assembly type connection method with minimal cables that represents the series. The Unifan series, which supports a pin-to-pin connection method through physical coupling between cooling fans, provides a daisy chain effect and reduces the number of unnecessary cables to create a neat system and support a clean environment.

Unifan SL-INF 140 supports direct connection between up to four cooling fans and is controlled via a single cable module. The 4 cooling fans connected in this way are recognized as a group, and up to 16 cooling fans, 4 groups can be easily adjusted for different lighting, color, color pattern, RPM, etc. with the unique software L-Connect 3. can In addition, various lighting effects can be set by dividing individual colors and modes in the LED area divided into fan blades and fan frames. However, the L-Connect 3 controller with the same name is not provided with the dedicated software that is physically connected separately, so you must use the corresponding controller included in the package product SL-INF 120 3.

In addition, unlike the previous work, where the cable module was bound in one direction only, the direction can be changed, and the key lock that helps the connection between cooling fans has ‘to change to a detachable type to prevent interference with structures such as radiator fittings or PC cases.




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