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Seoul hosts a forum to commemorate the ‘Comfort Women Memorial Day’

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picture explanation[서울시 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 13th that it would hold an online international forum on the 14th, the day to commemorate the comfort women of the Japanese military.

Professor Andrew Gordon of Harvard University, who pointed out the academic truth of Professor Carol Gluck, Professor of Columbia University and Professor John Mark Ramzier, who is an authority on Japanese history after World War II, will be the presenters.

A session to discuss the use of comfort women materials in the field of video and exhibition will also be held.

The forum will be broadcast live on the Seoul YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/kEbE4SSijzI).

Kim Seon-soon, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Gender Equality and Family Policy Office, said, “In Korea, it is difficult to look at the global trend by focusing mainly on political issues between Korea and Japan.


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