Seoul Metropolitan Government Unveils Plans for State-of-the-Art Stadium and MICE Complex in Jamsil

Seoul Metropolitan Government Plans State-of-the-Art Sports and MICE Complex in Jamsil

Seoul, South Korea –

In a monumental development for sports and entertainment enthusiasts, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced plans to construct a cutting-edge stadium complex in Jamsil, complete with a domed stadium resembling those found in major league sports. The ambitious project, designed in consultation with stakeholders, aims to transform Jamsil into an ecological cultural waterfront space along the Han River.

[서울/박기문기자] In Korea, you will also be able to watch baseball games in a state-of-the-art stadium that resembles the major league. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is creating an ecological cultural waterfront space connected to the Han River along with a world-class ‘Sports and MICE Complex’ including a domed stadium in ‘Jamsil’. The city has finalized the layout design for the Jamsil Dome Stadium complex after consultation and review with stakeholders, and it is concrete on the design of each facility.

Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who is on a business trip to North America, said on the afternoon of September 16 (Saturday)<현지시간>, visited the ‘Rogers Center in Toronto’ and announced that they would be building a state-of-the-art sports, exhibition and convention facility, including a domed stadium, in the Jamsil area. The expansion of the MICE function, which has been limited to COEX until now, is expected to change the landscape of industry and cultural consumption in the Gangnam area, including Jamsil.

He then mentioned the ‘Toronto Waterfront’ development project site he visited and added his plan to jointly develop the Han River and Tancheon area around Jamsil to be developed into an attractive waterfront ecology and leisure culture space.

<로저스센터, 최신 수요 반영한 시설개선 중… 잠실에 3만석 돔구장, 11만㎡ 전시컨벤션센터>

The Rogers Center that Mayor Oh visited is a domed stadium with a capacity of about 41,000 seats and is the home stadium of the major league Toronto Blue Jays, where pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin belongs. It is also famous for being built in conjunction with the Toronto Marriott City Center Hotel, which allows you to watch the game from your room.

Rogers Center is currently undergoing extensive construction to improve facilities, including expanding premium seating, to reflect varying demands, and the Marriott City Center Hotel is used primarily by baseball spectators during the season and convention center visitors in range out of season. Accommodation costs range from about 300 to 2,000 USD (about 400,000 to 2.5 million won) depending on the match schedule.

<토론토 로저스센터․메리어트 호텔>

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is currently concretizing the construction of a dome stadium with ‘(tentative name) Seoul Smart MICE Park Co, Ltd (manager: Hanwha Co., Ltd.)’, the preferred negotiating partner for the Jamsil Stadium and MICE project complex, and will build the largest stadium in Korea with over 30,000 seats capable of hosting international games A baseball stadium is being planned.

Built in a dome shape, it is expected to be able to operate stably without being affected by bad weather such as rain or heat waves. It can also host large-scale performances and events during the All-Star break (about a week long league break regular when the All-Star Game is held) and the off-season. It is expected that it will.

There will be a 360 degree open concourse (corridor space connected to the spectator seats) that circulates the infield and outfield and various premium seats (sky box, field box, family zone, etc.) reflecting recent trends is introduced, and the baseball stadium and hotel are connected to provide guest rooms and facilities. We intend to provide unique experiences in various areas within the hotel, including restaurants and fitness centers.

Mayor Oh said at 16:00 on the 19th (Tuesday) before the construction of an exhibition and convention center which will be one of the pillars of the ‘Jamsil Sports and MICE Complex’ together with the dome stadium.<현지시간>We also visit the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

The Javits Center, located in the western part of Manhattan, New York, near the Hudson River, is the largest in New York with an exhibition area of ​​approximately 78,000 and actively hosts international exhibitions and events, contributing to the revitalization of the local area. viewing and tourism industries, lodging and commercial facilities, and contributing to all of New York City It generates annual sales of approximately 2.4 trillion won and creates employment for approximately 16,000 people (Javitz Center 2019 Annual Report).

<뉴욕 자비츠 컨벤션센터 내 특화공간>

Meanwhile, the ‘New York Coterie Orders Fair’, the world’s largest women’s fashion exhibition representing the Americas, will open at the Javits Center on the 19th (Tuesday) when Mayor Oh visits. Mayor Oh plans to visit the ‘Seoul Fashion Week Brand Booth’ where eight domestic brands are participating and encourage participating companies.

The exhibition and convention center to be built in Jamsil will have an exhibition area of ​​about 90,000, which is more than 10,000 larger than the Javits Center, and a conference area of ​​about 20,000. The city also plans to create a unique space with an attractive view by using Seoul’s unique landscape called ‘Han River.’

The city agrees with the preferred bidder on the importance of building an ‘Exhibition and Convention Centre’, which will be a future core industrial facility that will bring economic vitality to the entire Seoul region, and promotes the development of the exhibition and convention centre. functions and establishing an action plan of a public nature.

Given that it is an ‘urban exhibition and convention centre’ with traffic jams in areas such as Jamsil and Gangnam, the city introduced the country’s first reception and waiting area exclusively for exhibition logistics vehicles such as the Javits Center, and created an integrated parking lot in connected to other facilities for the surrounding areas The plan is to actively respond to traffic congestion.

The city of Seoul is currently conducting comprehensive negotiations with the preferred bidder to create a complex facility with public and business value, including a domed baseball stadium, an exhibition and convention center, and business, commercial and accommodation facilities. as soon as possible and consultations will be held with related organizations such as the Ministry of Strategy and Finance The plan is to proceed with the aim of signing an implementation agreement by the end of 2024.

<수변 재개발한 ‘토론토 워터프론트’ 방문… 잠실일대 한강‧탄천 연계 수변생태문화공간 조성>

Meanwhile, Mayor Oh visited the site of the ‘Toronto Waterfront’ development project, which reorganized the waterfront, which had been isolated due to industrialization, into an ecological park, and announced a plan to create an attractive recreational and ecological cultural space on the waterfront water in Jamsil district. by using the Han River and the banks of Tancheon

The waterfront development project is a project to redevelop the area around ‘Toronto’s Lake Ontario’, whose utility value has declined, into mixed-use areas such as living, working, and leisure, including Central Waterfront, East Bayfront, and West Donlands. are held in four large areas, including Don Lands and Port Lands.

To increase the attractiveness and utility of Seoul’s natural natural resources, Han River and Tancheon Stream, the city focuses on the confluence of the main stream of Hangang River and Tancheon Stream by ▴ restoring naturalness by restoring the natural retaining wall ▴ improving accessibility to the interchange complex international ▴ attractive The plan is to prepare a basic design plan, including the creation of a leisure and cultural space on the waterfront, and start full-scale construction in the second half of next year.

Specifically, in connection with the recent ‘Great Han River Project’ and ‘Jicheon Renaissance’, a new pedestrian bridge was built to connect the disconnected section between the international exchange complex and Tancheon with various circulation routes, transforming it into a clean space the symbolic water. which naturally connects large residential and commercial areas and Jicheon.

Jamsil Sports/MICE Complex Space Creation Project (Plan)

※ The image above is an example, and specific details will be finalized through negotiation.

Jamsil Dome Stadium Plan (Plan)

※ The image above is an example, and specific details will be finalized through negotiations.

Jamsil Exhibition and Conference Center Plan (draft)

※ The image above is an example, and specific details will be finalized through negotiation.

Creating a waterside ecological cultural and recreational space in the international exchange complex (plan)

※ The image above is an example and may change during the implementation of the project in the future.

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