Seoul subway strike from today… predict traffic disruptions

  • Seoul Transportation Corporation <사진=연합뉴스>
    As the trade union of the Seoul Transport Corporation, which operates the Seoul subway, goes on strike today (30th), the trains are expected to be disrupted.

    The Seoul Transport Corporation union went on strike at 6:30 am, the start of work today during the week, as negotiations over wages and collective agreements continue.

    Union talks, which include the two main trade unions, continue eight hours of work-level talks over the plan to delay the restructuring and staffing proposed by management yesterday, but failed to materialise. reached a compromise and declared that the negotiations had broken down around 10 pm

    The management side proposed a plan to delay the implementation of the restructuring plan to reduce 1,539 people until 2026, which was a key issue, and the implementation of existing contracts, long-term vacancies and an increase in the number of crew members, within the first half of the next year. year.

    However, the union decided not to accept management’s announcement that it would delay the workforce reduction plan only this year, saying it would prefer to withdraw the special labor management agreement in September last year.

    The strike by the Seoul Transportation Corporation union is the first in six years since September 2016, and the two largest unions, the Seoul Transportation Corporation union and the integrated union, are participating in this strike.

    Both unions have around 3,000 members, which account for around 80% of the company’s total workforce.

    As the subway is an essential public service business according to related laws, the union expected around 9,700 weekday people and around 400 people on holidays, excluding essential workers, to take part in the strike back the labor management agreement on essential maintenance.

    Seoul Transportation Corporation operates subway lines 1-8 and the 2nd and 3rd stages of subway line 9.

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