Seoyeon Ewha shares 2%↑…尹, any government would have solved it well if they knew the cause of the drop in approval ratings.


The stock price of Seoyeon Ewha, a shareholder related to President Yoon Seok-yeol, is rising.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 19th, Seoyeon Ewha is trading at 9040 won, up 250 won (2.84%) from the previous trading day as of 10:05 am on the same day.

Regarding the cause of the decline in approval ratings on the 19th, President Yoon said, “If you knew the cause, any government would have solved it well.”

President Yoon met with reporters on the way to his office in Yongsan on the same day and answered, “The media is not well aware of the cause,” to the question, ‘How do you see the cause of the high evaluation of negligence in state affairs?

“It’s just working hard,” Yoon added.

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