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‘Sereepisuth’ embraces ‘Saranwut’ to Seri Ruam Thai, ignores ‘Sira’, challenges to Lak Si, unbelievable, has been in a lot of cases

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‘Sereepisuth’ opens arms to receive ‘Saranwut’ into Seri unite Thailand, not clear, including 3 small parties to fight for the next election, ignore ‘Sira’, challenge to Laksi Stadium I can’t believe I’ve been in a lot of cases.

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At 8:30 a.m. on October 20, 1964 at the National Assembly Police Lieutenant Colonel Sereepisut Temeeyves List of MPs and the leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party said that he was ready to accept Uttaradit MPs expelled from the Pheu Thai Party Join the Seri Ruam Thai Party which may have the opportunity to discuss further Because after looking at it, there is no issue of banana distribution. as well as being ready to accept all parties and everyone on the democratic side to join and work with Seri Ruam Thai not evenPride Thai Democrat or Palang Pracharath Party because only 3 years is not democratic never voted

“In the past, Mr. Saranwut announced that he would go with The Democratic Party, which has 3 parties, which are Seri Ruam Thai, Phalang Dharma Mai, and Phalang Puang Chon Thai. and saw hugs with Dr. Rawee Maschamadol, MD. List of MPs New Phalang Dharma Party Leader If the words of Mr. Saranwut then don’t change I thought, Khun Sarunwut. Maybe come and see me Because the new power of Dharma has a score of 3.5 thousand.

Before the election, the party leader came to me. told me to come stay with me But we don’t have any factors. He went to set up his own party and got 35 thousand votes, how could he take Khun Saranwut with him? or the Palang People Party of Thailand This party may actually have one MP, but it doesn’t use MPs in the round. which can live together But it’s about Khun Sarunwut,” said Pol Gen Sereepisut.

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As for the trend, the three smaller parties with the Seri Ruam Thai Party, Phalang Dharma Mai, and Phalang Puang Chon Thai will unite to fight for the next election. Police Lieutenant Colonel Sereephisuth Said that we need to talk, which Seri Ruam Thai is ready to work with all parties. and ready, especially the party leader like himself with a lot of experience

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sereephisuth Said that Seri Ruam Thai, even though it was a new party but had only ever entered the electoral field once More than 8 hundred thousand votes, 10 MPs, more than 60,000 party members, second only to the Democratic Party. which is an old party and he never broke the law especially the issue of invading the area to build the port at the lodge, which is a political issue

Therefore, he is friendly with everyone. All democratic parties If they can be united as one, the nation will prosper. do not quarrel

When asked about the case Mr. Sira Jenjaka Bangkok MPs, Phalang Pracharath, challenge to fight in the election field in Laksi district to measure who the people will choose Police Lieutenant Colonel Sereepisuth K.Said that he thinks Mr. Sira will get to vote or not. Eligible to vote? Because there are many cases in the queue, so don’t challenge. Just take yourself to be able to apply or not?

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