Serena Aoki “The third win that can change your life” that I grabbed after my notebook[Domestic Women’s Tour LPGA]| GDO Golf Digest Online

◇ Domestic Girls ◇ Shiseido Ladies Open Last Day (3rd) ◇ Totsuka CC (Kanagawa Prefecture) ◇ 6570yd (Par 72)

“I’ve had a hard time every day for the past year, so I’m happy to have a third win that can change my life.” Serena Aoki, who came out in the lead by one stroke after that, turned with 6 birdies and 3 bogies “69”, and won the third victory of the tour since “Ai Miyazato Suntory Ladies” in June last year.


At the first start, the 1.5m par putt was removed and the bogey started, and at the second (par 5), it was a painful start to hit the continuous bogey with 3 putts from the color, but “It is a plus that I was in a position to chase once.” He continued to look forward, sinking a birdie putt of 6m for No. 3 and 3m for No. 4, and immediately recovered.

Even at No. 7, he stole the birdie and turned back to the second half, and he pushed the trailer with three consecutive birdies from No. 10. I hit the bogey with No. 17, but the final No. 18 was “Today, my coach told me that I shouldn’t look at the board, so I wonder how many strokes I can afford or if I’m chasing. In the “unknown situation”, he calmly closed with a par and grabbed the victory. “I’m glad I could do every hole just to get a birdie without letting go of the attack until the end.”

The previous two wins have been reversed. The joy of his first runaway victory was a joy. “It gave me confidence in the future that I was able to put the style of taking the lead on the third day and winning as it was in my victory.”

From the second day of last year’s Suntory Ladies Open, where he won his second tour, he started writing “Zange Notes” to organize his feelings and give him time to face golf. It is said that he may write 5 or 6 pages on many days, and now, a year later, he has entered the sixth book. “I just wrote before going to bed why I couldn’t win and how I could win.”

The winning supplement for this tournament is a Land Rover car. On the eve of the final day, he wrote in his notebook his determination as a contract professional, saying, “I’ll bring it back as Land Rover Drivers,” and clarified the image of victory.

“This one win has a huge meaning. I want to do my best to win multiple times (season) that I have never done before.” The 29-year-old Players Chairman will continue to liven up the tour. (Asahi Ward, Yokohama City / Takashiro Uchiyama)




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