Serenath Bhasi Disagrees with banning online reviews on release day: Srinath Bhasi

Actor Sreenath Bhasi does not agree with banning online reviews on release days. But the trend of giving news against the film is deliberately not correct. Srinath Bhasi said that giving reviews as audience response during the cut of the film is also wrong.

He was speaking at a press conference organized for the promotion of the film ‘Chattambi’. Bhasi was responding to a question about the Tamil Producers Association’s decision to restrict online media from gathering feedback from theaters on the day of its release.

The media has the right to give reviews. Srinath Bhasi added that it is not right to restrict the freedom of the media in any way.

A few days ago the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) asked film critics and social media influencers not to post their film reviews on social media for at least three days after the release of the film. The council said the decision was made with reference to negative online reviews affecting the film’s collection.

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This is not the first time such a move has been made by Tamil producers. In 2019, filmmakers in Tamil Nadu had declared that they would ban journalists who write excessively scathing reviews of Tamil films or criticize actors, directors, producers or other experts in the industry. The decision was announced by Tamil Film Producers Council Consultative Union and South Indian Film Media PRO Union.

In the name of reviews, those who write negative reviews against the actors, directors and producers of the film will not be invited to any event related to Tamil cinema. Furthermore, legal action will be taken against those who do so,” the manufacturers said in a circular published that day.

‘Chattambhi’ is the first solo hero film of Srinath Bhasi’s career. The story of Chattambi is based on the real events that happened in the hill village of Idukki in the backdrop of the 1990s. Chattambi is feared by everyone in Kootar village and is the son of Avira Makan Zakaria. Kariya is the right hand man of a local rich man named Mutattil John. At one point it becomes difficult for even John to learn. With this both of them become enmity.

Synopsis: Sreenath Bhasi reacts on banning online movie reviews on first days of release. He was expressing his views on the ban by a group of Tamil film producers

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