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Sergeant Park Soo-min “getting off the steel troops” “It’s not worth responding to”… Interest focused on the’real story expedition’ (general)

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picture explanationSergeant Park Soo-min getting off at’Steel Force’

Sergeant Park Soo-min, who got off at the’Steel Force’, made a meaningful remark regarding the suspicions surrounding him.

Sergeant Park Soo-min posted a post on his Instagram on the afternoon of the 14th, saying, “I am not standing still because I cannot speak, and because it is not worth responding to.”

Earlier, the production crew of the Channel A entertainment program’Steel Troops’ said in an official position, “Performer Park Soo-min has decided not to appear in the Steel Troops anymore because of the personal problems that have been raised recently.”

He added, “The production team edited the amount of Park Soo-min’s appearance, and afterwards, the shooting will be conducted with other 707-born spare members.”

In this regard, netizens speculated that the reason for getting off was that Park Soo-min was criticized for a rather harsh and rude speech and deed in the first episode of’Steel Troops’. However, another suspicion was raised that the sergeant was Park Soo-min as the recent MBC current affairs liberal arts program’True Story Expedition’ posted a report stating that Sergeant A, a male from the 707th Special Mission Group, was being reported.

On the 17th, the’real story exploration team’ announced that it will broadcast on the suspicion. The “real story exploration team” explained that two years ago, Eun-byul (pseudonym) was in shock after discovering a picture of her specific body part on a pornography distribution site, and found out that the person who posted this photo is her boyfriend.

In addition, there were more victims and Eunbyul, and Sergeant A’s cell phone number was two, and one of them had photos of specific body parts of numerous women and video clips, and it will be reported that they were proud of them.

In the meantime, it was pointed out that Eunbyul learned that Sergeant A was appearing on the air through a program. Based on this, netizens speculated that the program was an entertainment show where reservists from special forces gathered to cover the best units, and that Sergeant A was running a YouTube channel while hiding his substance, and controversy arose as Sergeant Park Su-min. .

Reporter Nam-kyung Lee, Ministry of Population and Culture at MBN Star mkculture@mkculture.com
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