Sergio Perez “Guthrie deserves a chance in the top team again”[F1-Gate .com]

Sergio Perez admits to former Red Bull Racing driver Pierre Guthrie that he is “the right” driver to once again have a chance at the top team.

The 31-year-old Sergio Perez signed with Red Bull Racing Honda in 2021 on behalf of Alex Albon, who did not perform as expected.

Alex Albon had a Red Bull Racing F1 seat on behalf of Pierre Guthrie, who also had a poor performance. Guthrie is currently racing on Red Bull’s second team, AlphaTauri Honda.

Sergio Perez has decided to stay in Red Bull Racing in 2022, but former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher is the third teammate Perez couldn’t compete with Max Verstappen. He says he can claim that.

“Both Perez and Bottas must be in a position to help their teammates first, and so far they aren’t, even if they have the best car,” Ralf Schumacher said. I told Deutschland.

“Sergio was lagging behind in Qatar all weekend,” Ralf Schumacher insisted.

25-year-old Pierre Guthrie was openly disappointed that he was not considered as a replacement for Alex Albon, and was subsequently disappointed again when Red Bull re-signed Sergio Perez in 2022.

When asked about it, Sergio Perez commented, “After all, I think the team has the most information about it.”

“It’s more than the media, more than the driver himself.”

“I think it was about the fifth race after a few races this year, but the boss came to me and told me he was happy with me and wanted me to continue with them.”

“As far as Pierre is concerned, he’s performing at a high level and I think he deserves another chance with the top team.”

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