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Original title: Serie A today’s front page: Juventus won Vlahovic Inter Milan to get Gosens

Serie A today’s front page: Juventus wins Vlahovic, Inter Milan gets Gosens

Live it on January 26th Gazzetta dello Sport, Gazzetta dello Sport, and Turin Gazzetta dello Sport are the three major sports newspapers in Italy. Today, let’s take a look at what their respective front page headlines have brought.

Gazzetta dello Sport

1. “Vlahovic splits everything.” Juventus shocked Serie A with the striker. Give Fiorentina €67 million and €8 million in floating bonuses. The players await a medical check-up in Turin on Saturday. Fans are crazy: “This way we can be strong again.” Allegri gets his ideal No. 9, how many options are there for the striker.

2. “Inter, Gosens nods.” The signing of the leader: The full-back will arrive immediately, and Atalanta will get 27 million euros. Inzaghi will also get Caicedo. Sensi has decided: go to Samp.

3. “Milan, Lazetic is here.” He put on Kaka’s No. 22 jersey. Another goal in the back line: young player Tio.

4. Turin looking for a midfielder: Richie is close to joining. Diego Costa is going to Salernitana.

Corriere dello Sport

1. “Vlahovic revives Juventus.” To the Viola 70 million euros, there is still a little gap between the Bianconeri’s offer and the player’s agent, and there is no risk in signing. Juventus need Vlahovic’s goal for the Champions League: Morata leaves. Juventus gave Dybala an ultimatum.

2. Inter Milan’s signings: Gosens came to Inzaghi immediately: the two sides reached an agreement.

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3. Sensi and Samp are negotiating. Diego Costa: Nod to Sabatini.

4. Zaniolo, Mourinho and Mancini’s dual weapons.

“Turin Sports

1. “Vlahovic’s Juventus.” In the cover image, the Viola striker has donned a zebra jersey. He will join the old lady.

2. Sabatini signings: Diego Costa will come to Salernitana.

3. “Inter Milan, Gosens is here.” The Nerazzurri reached an agreement with Atalanta for a transfer fee of 25 million euros. Germany will join on a loan and buyout basis with a 4-year contract.

4. Turin’s deal: Take Richie, agree with Empoli.

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