Series 1 ‘Leading China’ China International Book Trading Company with the theme of community of human destiny

China International Book Trading Company recently released the high-end interview series 1 ‘Reading China’

This series interviewed experts in the field of international relations, politics and economics on the ‘Community of Humanity’, ‘High Quality Development’ and other major concerns of the international community to clarify their understanding of China’s development path and practices.

Jun Ahmed Khan, researcher at the One Belt, One Road (China-Central Asia-Europe) Strategic Research Institute of Tsinghua University; Harvey Jodin, Senior Researcher, China and Globalization Think Tank; This discussed the topic of ‘community destiny for mankind’ together.

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva in January 2017 under the title, “Let’s build a community of shared destiny for mankind.” President Xi Jinping emphasized that “we must create a world where we can prosper together through win-win.”

“Developed countries need to understand that prosperity in China and other developing countries is inevitable, and that hegemony is not what these countries are after,” Khan said.

Amidst the gradual recovery of the global economy and the complex changes in the way of international investment and trade and multilateral investment and trade, President Xi Jinping proposed the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, which advocated interconnection between countries and economic integration of all continents.

“The Belt and Road Initiative aims to help participating countries realize prosperity and development through win-win cooperation,” said Jodin. Nyonjima, through the Belt and Road Initiative, has given Rwanda more cooperation with China in building infrastructure, education and e-commerce, creating more possibilities.”

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