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Which Apple Watch are you interested in?

In a sense, this year seems to be the Apple Watch’s year of normal evolutionApple Watch Series 8It is a low-priced model for the first time in two yearsApple Watch SE(2nd generation), and aware of adventure sportsApple Watch UltraAnd 3 models have also appeared.

From left to right: SE, Series 8, and Ultra. Let’s take a closer look at the photos to see the difference in design and appearance.

Three similar and different Apple Watches

220916 apple watches compare_03

Case sizes are 40mm for the SE, 41mm for the Series 8, and 49mm for the Ultra. Only Ultra is clearly different deca.

220916 apple watches compare_05

The Lews Digital Crown side looks like this. Ultra’s Digital Crown has less intrusion.

220916 apple watches compare_04

left side. This is also characterized by the action button given only to Ultra. The SE and Series 8 also have different speaker holes.

220916 apple watches compare_06

There is a distinct difference in the face of the sensor that hits the wrist. The Series 8 and Ultra have a third-generation optical heart rate sensor and a new skin temperature sensor. Does the SE sensor look the same as the 2020 SE model?

Also, while the SE has a matte finished material around the sensor, the Series 8 and Ultra have a glass material that reflects glitter. There seems to be a difference in cost here.

220916 apple watches compare_07

Thickness comparison. SE and Series 8 are 10.7mm thick, and Ultra is 14.4mm, which is quite a difference. In the wrist watch area, about 15mm is thick and heavy, and about 10mm is thin and thin, so there seems to be a big difference here.

220916 apple watches compare_08

From the action button side. Since the titanium that covers the Ultra protrudes from the display, the display does not hit the table when placed face down. I don’t usually put my Apple Watch face down.

Ultra, it’s too different

220916 apple watches compare_09

In the end, it all boils down to this word. But when comparing the SE to the 8 Series, I could see glimpses of the SE’s cost-cutting efforts. I felt that the 8, which developed smoothly, and the SE, which has good cost performance, were clearly differentiated. As for the Ultra…it’s out of standard…

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