Series Review: The Legendary Life of Queen Lau (2022), a comedy heroine | Li Hongyi x Lamu Yang Zi

Who likes cute comedy stories. The heroine sells, laughing, not focusing on beauty. Plus, with the ultimate imagination and aggressiveness, I invite you to come and see this. Guaranteed to laugh from the beginning for sure. The composition of the story is perfectly balanced, the production, the setting and the costumes are of good standard. Along with the crowded actors, the story became even more interesting. The series is a collaboration ofDirector Wai Hong Chui withScreenwriter Li Men (from the Cupid of Zhou Dynasty series) contains a total of 36 episodes. You can watch Thai subtitles copyrighted at TrueID+ and YouKu Thailand channel.

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video clipExample | “Queen of Love” Lightning Wedding The sweet love of La Mu Yangzhi and Li Hongyi! | YOUKU Thailand

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