Series Summary: Bo Ra! Deborah (2023)

Bo Ra! Deborah

❛ Love for others Deborah It can help, but if your own love Deborah Very overwhelmed!❜

  • Title : Bo Ra! Deborah | 보라! 데보라
  • Genre: Romance | Comedy
  • Director: Itakon (previous work directing the series) Crazy for each other) | This is Min Jung
  • Screenwriter: Ah Kyung (previous work directed the series) Crazy for each other)
  • Broadcast channel: This one
  • Number of episodes:
  • On air time: First half of 2023

Series Summary Bo Ra! Deborah

A comedy-romantic series about an expert dating advisor Deborah (played by Yoo In Na) And she is also a famous author of best selling books. But when telling about your own love story, it is almost zero. Also, I’ve been stabbed in the back by an acquaintance in a relationship.

Bora Deborah ENA Cast 051222

Bo Ra!cast: Deborah

Yoo Yn Na as Deborah

Debora, a well-known author and dating and dating advisor, has gone downhill when it comes to her own romance. And when she fell in love with someone one day

Yoon Hyun Min as Lee Soo Hyuk

A publishing designer in his consciousness who is handsome and charming, but in his heart full of thorns to pierce those around him. Outwardly that seems emotionless and uninterested in love. Or on the outside he doesn’t seem to care about anyone, but actually inside, there are obstacles to love. At times he seems to have great ideas about dating. But at times he also seems to be a skeptic of true love as well. until he met Deborah A girl who spoke as if she understood all the love in the world. He thinks she is unreliable and dislikes her knowledge, but that begins to change when he comes into unexpected contact with Deborah.

Joo Sang Wook as Han Sang Jin

A young man who sees dating as something light and easy. Sung Jin is the CEO of Ji Ri Publishing Company and is his close friend Lee Soo Hyuk smart and mannered He is also a person who creates a wonderful atmosphere very well, so it is not strange that anyone can like this young man easily. But in a relationship, he doesn’t like to be involved with anyone seriously. Therefore, it is considered difficult to have a long-term relationship.

Bo Ra!Deborah’s Character Chart

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chase series Bo Ra! Deborah

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Bo Ra! Deborah series poster

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