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Apple started selling the iPhone 14 series last Friday, September 16th.

Some users of the iPhone 14 Pro model have a camera shake problem when taking photos with a third-party app, which has become a hot topic.

iPhone14 Pro Problem that can’t be taken with apps like Instagram due to severe camera shake

According to 9to5Mac, iPhone 14 Pro users are experiencing camera shake issues when taking photos with third-party apps.They reported it on Reddit and Twitter.

On Reddit, there isuserexplains:

Every time I open Snapchat or use my camera on Instagram, I experience my camera shaking uncontrollably. However, when using the regular camera app, the problem does not occur.

According to 9to5Mac,Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok have camera shake issues when taking photos with iPhone 14 Pro.

9 to 5 MacMr Chance Miller released a video on YouTube of a camera shake problem when taking a picture with TikTok.

9to5Mac is almost certain that the iPhone 14 Pro camera blurring problem is a software bug because it only affects when using a third-party camera app.It is reported that third-party apps may not be compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera changes.

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