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Seriously | The divorce statement has been issued, is the big S who dares to love and hate to return! ? |Big S divorce_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: Tell the truth | The divorce declaration has been issued, is the big S who dares to love and hate to return! ?

Since Wang Xiaofei was unilaterally declared “divorce” by the big S in June, their marriage issues have attracted much attention.

Five months have passed, and this time they are really divorced. Both parties have officially announced their divorce.

They just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in March, and Big S’s smile was as sweet as a girl.

“In another ten years I hope you will still be willing”, Xiao Fei’s love words are ordinary but very touching.

The love between Xiaofei and Big S started very quickly, and they fell in love at first sight and they quickly married within a few months of their relationship.

Over the past ten years, they have traveled between Taipei and Beijing to maintain their own small home and happiness.

Most of the time, they are always funny and sweet when they appear on social media. Now that the divorce is announced, as a bystander, it really feels a pity~~

However, if you understand the big S’s view of feelings, then look back at their marriage, in fact, it is not surprising.

The big S pair looks weak in appearance, but there is always a queen in her heart.

When in love, she can go all out, but once there is an inherently irreparable problem, she can also leave firmly, even if it is painful.

Taiwanese media also reported a piece of news that was full of joy. Before the divorce announcement was announced, Big S went to the restaurant to have a white truffle meal by himself, and asked the waiter to cut truffles without stopping. Hahaha What movie plot!

Saying goodbye to her first marriage with such a queen-style ceremony is really too personal.

Some people say that the big S works, the big S is selfish, but some people sympathize with the big S and give up a lot of things that they have worked hard for this marriage.

Girlhood Big S

Big S was originally named Xu Xiyuan and ranked second in the family. Don’t look at Xiao S’s distinctive personality today, with an aura of fearlessness.

But in fact, it was Da S who really protected her and her family while growing up.

During school, Big S and Little S are the second of “Seven Fairies of Huagang Art School”.

And the big S is the central figure in the sister group, because the big S is a man of justice and will always dare to show justice for his lover.

At home, Big S will bravely stand up to protect her when his alcoholic father hurts his mother.

In order to make the life at home better, Big S took the little S early to enter the entertainment circle.

The two sisters looked pure and pleasant when they debuted, but they did not follow the traditional route, instead they opened up a variety show route of ghostly, funny and nonsensical.

In the “100% Entertainment” program, they turned the late-night low-popularity program into a representative variety show in Taiwan that can be popular with bare hands. Dare to talk about anything, dare to say anything.

It also passed the program “Entertainment 100%”, and the popularity of Big S in the entertainment circle has gradually increased.

Because of the appearance and temperament of Big S, she has a sense of being a heroine, so she also slowly stepped into the field of TV dramas and movies.

It is the idol drama originator “Meteor Garden” that really ushered in the peak of the big S career. She brought “Shancai” to life with her innocence and the aura of the girl next door.

In “Meteor Garden”, the appearance of the big S is matched with the combination of F4 handsome guys. I don’t know how many people have established the fantasy of love.

Before entering the marriage, the more famous male protagonists of the big S are Lan Zhenglong and Zhou Yimin. I have to say that every boyfriend of Big S is a top handsome guy. The big S with a double ponytail, no matter how strong the heart is, it is still very protective!

Later, Big S appeared in “The Corner Meets Love”, and the editor felt that this period was also the peak period of her appearance. In fact, the green dress with flower headwear looks pretty earthy now, but the big S can control it.

The “Summer of Bubbles” aired in 2010 was the last idol drama filmed by Big S before marriage. After that, she shifted her focus to marriage and family.

It can be said that at the peak of her career, Big S turned and devoted herself to her marriage with Wang Xiaofei.

Big S who is a wife and a mother

Before getting married, Big S insisted on being a vegetarian for a long time. The hair and skin are maintained as if they are in their early 20s, and the title of “Beauty King” is also firmly seated.

The big S with Wang Xiaofei has the feeling of being a little bird. The group photos after marriage are also very low-key, and there is a kind of plain happiness.

But in order to be able to conceive the baby, she started to eat meat, and her figure was slightly out of shape.

Since Xiaoyue’er was born in 2014, Big S has cut off her long hair, and the Weibo style of painting has let her go. It can be seen that her focus is entirely on children and family.

After giving birth to a baby, the big S, of course, has also gone back thin, and his temperament is still very goddess.

Big S will occasionally share outfits on Weibo, and his style is basically simple. The classic look of a white shirt and jeans is good-looking.

However, compared to her Y2k style hot girls in her early years, she now seems to prefer loose-fitting models.

Checked shirt skirt with straw hat, very holiday feeling. The red frame of the sunglasses is printed against the pink clutch, which is very lively~

After giving birth to two babies, she tried new hairstyles, but she was still too tender with flat bangs~

In fact, Big S is still very low-key in life, it is difficult to see her dressed up.

In “We Are Real Friends”, Big S, Little S, Aya, and Fan Xiaoxuan together demonstrated their friendship that has passed the test of time through traveling.

Not only have a lot of stalks, but they are also very attractive to wear.

Under the high-definition lens, the shape of the big S is very eye-catching. Although she habitually chooses a looser style, but with the cute strawberry bag accessories, the whole person looks gentle and cute, how can she look like a mother of two children!

Even a simple T-shirt with a striped skirt can wear a dignified and elegant atmosphere. As long as the braids are tied up, it seems to be back to the Shancai period.

A simple white shirt with round earrings and sunglasses creates an intellectual and sexy style in a low-key manner. The beauty of Big S is always natural and casual.

After the divorce, I don’t know if Big S will devote more time to work. If you can co-star in a variety show with Little S, then the editor welcomes you! !

Big S said: “I hope Xiaofei will live better than me forever”, but we hope that “Shancai” can continue to believe in love. At the same time, I look forward to the gorgeous return of the “king” who dares to love, hate, speak and do~


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