Seriously! The Minister of Justice has signed a Memorandum of Understanding of 15 agencies to speed up the rehabilitation of drug addicts after the number of drug users found to be suffering from mental illness.

Seriously! The Minister for Justice has signed a Memorandum of Understanding of 15 agencies to speed up drug addiction rehabilitation after finding more and more people who use drugs until they are mentally ill, confident that they can help solve the problem, while the Assistant Commissioner of Police points out Addiction to treat public health is not yet ready Raising the agency is doing well. Internal-local mechanics

On October 3, 2022 at 10:00 am Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, Minister of Justice Chaired the meeting to discuss ways to solve problems with mental illness due to substance abuse. and the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding for the prevention, surveillance and problem solving of patients with psychotic symptoms due to drug use at the NACC office, with Ms. Natthapat Yongchaiyudh, Assistant Minister for Justice, Mr Wichai Chaionkol, NACC secretary general and Representatives of 15 agencies such as the Ministry of Public Health Ministry of Interior Ministry of Social Development and Human Welfare Royal Thai Police The National Institute of Emergency Medicine joined

Mr Somsak said that from the memorandum of cooperation, problem solving, people with mental illness From the joint use of drugs by 15 agencies on March 6, 2019, the current effect has ended. Since September 30, 2022, there is another signature today. because from the information Treatment and rehabilitation of drug addiction in the country that the proportion of people who receive treatment and concomitant use of psychiatric medications increases every year by 2022, there are 8,871 people, resulting in people with mental symptoms of drug use tends to cause trouble for society to continue to increase According to the NACC Action Center in 2022, there were 731 news about drug users causing the incident, doubling from 2021, with only 307 news.

“Therefore, the solution is therefore urgently needed to fix a group of people with mental illness from using drugs using public health in order to return to normal life in society which requires the cooperation of many sectors to detect, treat and monitor the together as well as strengthening cooperation from family and community Come and help solve the problem,” said the Minister of Justice.

Mr Somsak also said that last week He traveled to Australia to exchange drug prevention including discussing rehabilitation therapy because of the past we must admit We do not have access to drug addiction rehabilitation yet. So there is news about drug addicts. often hurt family members, so working together today can help solve the problem of therapy because there will be a clear framework for The main responsible agency under the Drug Code is the Ministry of Public Health.

Meanwhile, Lt Gen Panuwat Lakboon, assistant chief of police, said that drug addiction treatment There must be a clear host Due to the signing of this collaboration, there are up to 15 agencies together At the same time, the police do not have any role in this matter. because the main unit responsible Ministry of Health Therefore, the police can only do protection projects with therapy as an activity only supplying drug addicts receiving treatment, it was found that the Ministry of Public Health is not ready yet From the work of the past, it was found that the agencies that drive the therapy are good in the Ministry of Interior because there is a local mechanism that reaches every community

In addition, Mr. Somsak gave an interview to the press further drug addiction rehabilitation It takes a long time especially those who have been using drugs for a long time who will have psychotic symptoms So, it can cause society to misunderstand that get more of addicts Although the information found Fewer addicts only see the news of a mentally ill person using more drugs because it still takes time for continuous therapy which is not more addicts

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