SET INDEX closed -0.18 points, strong buying in tourism stocks help support the market.


Thai stocks closed -0.18 points, the broker pointed out that the shares of commercial banks , upstream energy group and mining stocks, JTS, which fell sharply, dragging the market in line with falling bitcoin prices. Although tourism stocks came to support the index in the afternoon, it closed not much lower. look at the index frame tomorrow May swing a new correction by evaluating 1,550 support and 1,575 resistance.

The Thai stock market closed for trading on June 20, 2022, down -0.18 points or -0.01%, closing the market at 1,559.21 points, trading value 56,962.88 million baht. Overall investment today, the Thai stock index moved in mostly negative dan before recovering to stand in positive territory in the afternoon Intraday, the index rose as high as 1,563.97 points, while dropping as low as 1,549.98.

On the other hand, today’s changes were made to 674 securities, 497 unchanged, and down 996.

In terms of trading volume classified by investor group, it was found that institutional investors were more net buy. +1,876.71 million baht and domestic investors bought a net of +657.95 million baht. Foreign investors net sales of more than -2,494.48 million baht and securities accounts, net sales of more than -40.19 million baht.

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities
1.PTTEP trading value 2,695.24 million baht, closing at 158.50 baht, a decrease of 4.00 baht.
2.SCB trading value 2,653.82 million baht, closing at 103.00 baht, a decrease of 3.00 baht.
3.AOT trading value 1,928.80 million baht, closed at 69.25 baht, increased 1.50 baht
4.KBANK trading value 1,870.50 million baht, closing at 148.50 baht, a decrease of 1.50 baht.
5.CPALL Trading value 1,861.40 million baht, closed at 60.25 baht, increased by 0.25 baht.

The top 5 SET100 indexes with the biggest gains are:
1.SCC closed at 360.00 baht, an increase of 4.00 baht or 1.12%.
2.GPSC closes at 66.00 baht, an increase of 1.50 baht or 2.33%
3.AOT closes at 69.25 baht, an increase of 1.50 baht or 2.21%.
4.BH closes at 175.00 baht, an increase of 1.50 baht or 0.86%.
5.BGRIM closes at 35.50 baht, an increase of 1.25 baht or 3.65%.

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The five SET100 indices with the biggest price drop are:
1.PTTEP closes at 158.50 baht, a decrease of 4.00 baht or 2.46%.
2.JMART closed at 52.50 baht, a decrease of 3.00 baht or 5.41%.
3.SCB closed at 103.00 baht, a decrease of 3.00 baht or 2.83%.
4.JMT closed at 71.75 baht, a decrease of 2.00 baht or 2.71%.
5.BBL closes at 134.50 baht, a decrease of 1.50 baht or 1.10%.

The SET100 index closed at 2,151.78 points, an increase of 2.12 points, or 0.10%, the SET50 index closed at 946.34 points, an increase of 1.29 points, or 0.14%, the mai market index closed at 599.19 points, a decrease of -3.40 points, or -0.56%.

Mr. Wichit Arayapisit, senior director and investment strategist at Maybank Securities (Thailand) Research Department, said that the Thai stock market today dropped from selling pressure in the commercial banks and the upstream energy group. Has been pressured by oil prices fell more than 6% during the past Friday. Including the share price of Jasmine Technology Solutions Company (JTS) fell sharply following the decline in bitcoin prices.

However, in the afternoon returned to stand in positive territory with speculation coming into the tourism group. The government has relaxed more tourism measures. Both adjusting the country to green, preparing to cancel the Thailand Pass from the beginning of July, and preparing to offer tax support for meetings, seminars and events at the upcoming Cabinet meeting.

The investment trend of tomorrow see an opportunity to swing the base builder to adjust up It remains to follow the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) chairman’s policy statement to the council on June 22-23, including data on US home sales for May, estimating support at 1,550 points. and resistance 1,575 points

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