SET INDEX closes +3.44 points, the “Russia-Ukraine” war continues to turmoil the market. I hope the negotiations will end soon.

The Thai stock market closed +3.44 points, the broker pointed out that Thai stocks fluctuate according to the regional market. Investors also hope for the end of the Russo-Ukraine war as soon as possible, evaluating support at 1630-1640 points and resistance at 1660 points.

The SET closed for trading on March 10, 2022, rising +3.44 points or +0.21%, closing the market at 1647.08 points, trading value 100,156.72 million baht. Overall trading today, SET INDEX swings in positive territory. Intraday, it rose to the highest at 1659.29 points, while dropped to the lowest at 1643.39 points.

Meanwhile, today’s changing stocks increased by 1,009 securities, unchanged 524 securities and fell 865 securities.

In terms of trading volume classified by investor group, it was found that Domestic investors sold a net of -2,064.44 million baht, and a brokerage account sold a net of -519.92 million baht. Institutional investors bought a net of more than 1,959.83 million baht and foreign investors. Net purchase of more than 624.53 million baht

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities
1.PTTEP trading value 6,759.46 million baht, closed at 146.50 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht.
2.KBANK trading value 5,886.10 million baht, closing at 157.00 baht, a decrease of 2.50 baht.
3.BANPU, trading value 4,172.43 million baht, closed at 11.30 baht, a decrease of 0.40 baht.
4.TOP trading value 2,588.84 million baht, closed at 52.75 baht, increased 2.50 baht
5.PTT trading value 2,491.71 million baht, closing at 38.75 baht, price unchanged.

The top 5 SET100 indexes with the biggest gains are:
1.SCC closed at 377.00 baht, an increase of 5.00 baht or 1.34%.
2.TOP closes at 52.75 baht, an increase of 2.50 baht or 4.98%.
3. KCE closed at 58.25 baht, an increase of 1.50 baht or 2.64%.
4.AEONTS closed at 198.50 baht, an increase of 1.50 baht or 0.76%.
5.PTTGC closes at 50.00 baht, an increase of 1.25 baht or 2.56%.

The five SET100 indices with the biggest price drop are:
1.KBANK closed at 157.00 baht, a decrease of 2.50 baht or 1.57%.
2.CB closes at 115.00 baht, a decrease of 1.50 baht or 1.29%.
3.KKP closed at 66.25 baht, a decrease of 1.00 baht or 1.49%.
4.BBL closes at 133.50 baht, a decrease of 1.00 baht or 0.74%.
5.ADVANC closes at 231.00 baht, a decrease of 1.00 baht or 0.43%.

The SET100 index closed at 2,263.63 points, an increase of 8.18 points, or 0.36%, the SET50 index closed at 998.41 points, an increase of 3.45 points, or 0.35%, and the mai market index closed at 612.37 points, an increase of 7.57 points or 1.25%.

Mr. Apichart Phobunjerdkul Director of Securities Analysis Division TISCO Securities said that the stock market today swings in positive territory. It is in line with other stock markets in Asia. especially in the morning From the hope that the war between Russia and Ukraine will come to an end. After Ukraine accepts Russia’s key terms

However, in the afternoon there was more profit taking. It has been pressured by the uncertainty of the talks between Russia and Ukraine. and European stock markets that opened down about 1%.

while the future investment trend is expected The market is likely to still swing sideways. It depends on the outcome of the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in which direction it will come out. While investors are keeping an eye on the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) meeting next week, interest rate hikes are expected. Estimated support frame at 1630-1640 points and support at 1660 points