SET indicates that next year, Thai stocks will be volatile, receive interest rates up – no policy to trade crypto-digital assets – fresh news

Mr. Pakorn Pitathawatchai Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) revealed that the direction of the Thai stock market in 2022 will be highly volatile. This is because financial markets are at a turning point in global interest rates from low to higher. Many countries have begun to signal that interest rates will be adjusted in the near future. After the inflation and the faster economic growth. causing the need to spend more money

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Therefore, interest rates will rise and affect liquidity. affect investment As a result, there will be quite a lot of adjustments in investment policies around the world. Including the economy next year will recover quite a lot. Therefore, there will be some stocks that will recover in accordance with the global economic situation and following the recovery of higher domestic consumption, such as energy, tourism, and real estate sectors may rise. but caution It’s about technology, disruption, and the new normal, which might make some businesses that used to be good should be good. but may not return for good But some businesses that don’t think it’s important But it may start to become more important. Therefore, the business dynamics will be more evident in the next year.

The trend of investing in cryptocurrencies This is both a speculative investment while being able to be used as a payment medium. which now the SET There is no policy to enter into crypto trading. or digital assets But the view of the SET is how to make people with crypto assets It can be converted into real currency and invested in the stock market or other asset classes. more convenient In the form of creating a platform that connects the ecosystem (ecosystem) between the crypto market and the current market together, the system that the market will develop will be an open system that will allow developers to become one of the ecosystem. Yes, this will allow relevant parties to make their choice.

Mr. Soraphol Tulyasathien, Deputy Manager, Head of Corporate Strategic Planning Division The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) said that at the end of November 2021 SET Index closed at 1,568.69 points, a decrease of 3.4% from the end of the previous month. Looking at the first 11 months of 2021, the SET Index rose 8.2%, higher than the average of other stock indices. The industries that improved better than the SET Index compared to the end of 2020 were technology, industrial products. and financial group


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