SET reveals numbers up to the end of July 65 foreign payments, the highest in 4 years

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) reveals numbers until the end of July 2022, foreigners hold more than 5.11 million baht in Thai shares, the highest in 4 years.

The Thai news agency reported at the end of September 2022 that the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) revealed, from a study of stock holdings in the Thai stock market at the end of July 2022 of 783 listed companies, the value of Securities with a total found the market price of more than 19.0 trillion baht, or 99.4% of the total market capitalization, by the end of July 2022, foreign investors had a total value of shares in the Thai stock market of more than 5.11 trillion baht, the highest increase in 4 years. 0.29% from the previous year, mainly from a net purchase of more than 153,151 million baht during September 2021 – July 2022 and holding shares of newly listed companies with holding value from investors Foreign investment accounted for 26.84% of the total market capitalize.

The top three industries where foreign investors are valued for their holdings are technology. financial business group and resource groups Total holding value of 3.12 trillion baht, which represents 61.0% of the total holding value of foreign investors and the top 3 business sectors that foreign investors have the highest holdings in shares are Energy and Utilities (ENERG) 953,319 million baht, followed by Banking (BANK) 783,470 million baht and Electronic Components (ETRON) 617,210 million baht, these 3 sectors have a total share value of 2.35 trillion baht or 46.1% of the holding value Total holdings of foreign investors and 72.3 % of foreign investors’ holdings are holdings that form part of the MSCI Thailand Index, an increase of 68.0% from the previous year.

Foreign investors with the highest holdings in the first 10 nationalities found that 8 out of 10 nationalities were the same nationality as the previous year. But the rankings are reversed, with UK investors having the highest holdings. Followed by investors from Singapore. and Switzerland, which moved up to third place, while Hong Kong dropped to fourth, and the United States, Japan, Mauritius, the Netherlands, France and the British Virgin Islands in that order.

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