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Bangkok 29 Nov – The director and manager of the SET expects the economy to recover in the form of K-Shaped Recovery next year. Prepares to cooperate with partners to strengthen SMEs and startups. Aiming to promote sustainable business operators

Dr.Pakorn Pitathawatchai, Director and Manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) or SET gave a special lecture on the topic “Thai stock market and economic driving year 65” in the online discussion “(min)investment, last curve of 64”, stating that the SET is a source of fundraising and investment channel. It is an important mechanism for capital allocation. and promote the country’s economic growth. In 2020, the initial market value (IPO) is 160 billion baht, while in 2021, the value is over 120 billion baht in 2021 (counting to the 3rd quarter of 2021). The value of fundraising in the secondary market (SO) in 2020 is at 93 billion baht, and in 2021, more than 84,000 million baht (as of 3Q21), while the market capitalization of the Thai stock market is at 20 trillion baht, representing 120%. of GDP

SET has the highest IPO raising value in ASEAN, holding the number 1 spot for many years. Ranked 4th in Asia and 8th globally in the global market, listed companies from various industries have raised funds in the secondary market (SO).

In addition, there was funding in government debt securities worth 11 trillion baht, private debt securities with almost 4 trillion baht, and loans from commercial banks worth 18 trillion baht, all of which are important sources of funding for development. national economy

In terms of investment channels, in 2020, the number of investor accounts increased by more than 700,000 accounts, while in 2021 (3 quarters) increased by more than 1.4 million accounts, with the highest liquidity in ASEAN continuously since 2012. Average trading more than 95,000 million baht/day, an increase from the previous year of 67 billion baht/day. During the past 5 years, it has grown more than 3 times. Moreover, there are various investment products. Connecting investments in the global capital market

Dr. Pakorn also discussed the economic driving force in the next year. It is viewed that this year’s economy has grown in a K-Shaped style, meaning that there are some industries that have recovered well to very well, such as the technology sector, the industrial sector. Agriculture and food sector While many industries have not recovered, such as finance, banking, insurance, real estate, resources, consumer goods. which is seen to be able to raise funds and generate better returns in the next year When tourism begins to recover More people are vaccinated. This will be a recovery in the form of K-Shaped Recovery.

However, I think next year the fundraising will be more closed. SMEs and startups will begin to recover by SET working with partners Prepare knowledge, readiness, provide Enterprise System, and recruit coaches from successful big companies to share business management guidelines. Importantly, the LiVE Platform will be opened to support SMEs and startups’ access to the capital market. which will start early next year

Including the capital market sector will focus on promoting sustainable business operators. Environmentally conscious business BCG business or bio-economy-circular economy-green economy which in the past Thai listed companies growing strongly and is an internationally recognized leader in sustainability. Currently, there are 24 companies listed on the Thai capital market listed on The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), 40 are listed in the MSCI ESG Universal Index and another 40 are listed in the FTSE4Good Emerging Indexes. This is another strength that can be used to raise funds from overseas markets. Moreover, sustainable investment is becoming a mainstream investment in global and Thai capital markets. Investors want to invest more in companies with good governance (ESG). Currently, there are more than 50 CG/ESG funds in Thailand worth 54,370 million baht, an increase of 247% from 2017. – Thai News Agency

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