SET trend recovers, negative factors begin to ease

คอลัมน์ : เช็กกระแสหุ้น

Foreigners continue to sell Thai stocks without stopping. The Thai stock market last week (May 29-June 2) has a downward direction.

by “Kijpon Praipaisalkit” Senior Director and Strategist UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand) said the main reason for the decline in the Thai stock market was selling pressure. or the fund flow of foreign investors who continue to flow out Since the beginning of the year (YTD), a net total of over 100 billion baht and there is still concern about STARK stocks which have returned to trading.

Including the expectation that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will likely raise interest rates further. This affects stocks that are linked to interest. especially in finance and power plants

Looking into the coming week (June 6-9), Kitpon assessed that the SET Index tends to recover. Because the external issue of the US debt ceiling (debt ceiling) was resolved after the bill to increase the debt ceiling was passed.

While the US Federal Reserve (Fed) is expected to slow down and maintain interest rates. As a result, the tight monetary policy is more relaxed. and although the flow of the fund continued to flow But it did not affect the medium-small stocks in the market. This means that this group still has the opportunity to grow continuously.

Looking at the Thai stock index frame during the week at 1,520-1,547 points, if it passes the first resistance, the next frame will be 1,560-1,570 points.

investment strategy We recommend choosing stocks with a clear recovery, such as retail, tourism and industrial estates. Including the group of power plants which has fallen significantly. There is an opportunity to revive during this period. The highest recommended stocks are MINT, ERW, VRANDA, AMATA and MAWR.


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