Sethiee Diamond Factory won the 1st prize with Hongthong.COM, the owner of the blue panel, paid over 100 million baht.

30 million baht, the 1st prize, this draw is unusual in the blue panel. with Hongthong.COM Online lottery platform 80 baht Congratulations to both of them.Khun Petch Panpi. The owner of the famous jewelry business 24 million and Khun Supannie Merch Isan of Udon, 6 million baht

Khun Petchpanpi revealed “We regularly buy lotteries with Hongthong and most of them give away to customers who come to buy diamond jewellery. In each draw, no less than 1,000 cards, which the person said is the merit of Sai Mu Sai, merits can be sent to this draw, won the 1st prize and the latest storyteller had predicted that there would be a big. fortune And I didn’t think it would be this fast. More exciting than the sale of a diamond in the factory and would like to thank Hongthong who takes care of serving you closely as family members, helping to find a good number, 24-hour service, ready to manage the money reward for every baht, every satang No fee, stay still and wait to receive money. Lovely for anyone wanting to book a lottery through the app. Or don’t know how to apply, I recommend Call to order numbers with customer service administrative staff. Easy to finish at the same time As for me, I go into the app, some click to buy it myself (laughs).

more exciting I have distributed this lottery to customers who come to buy jewelery with me in the shop. Be a star like one of them But cover it first. because he doesn’t know yet I will make an appointment with CEO V Big Boss of Hongthong.COM Take the prize money to surprise him at the place.If anyone wants to know, try to find him on social media. Please suggest that it is very handsome Grade multicolor channel hero Brother screenshot has already sent this set of lotteries. He is thankful that he has supported the jeweller. Let’s take a look to see who it is. On the 2nd day, I will answer.”



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