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Setup from field level to medical colleges; Postcovid treatment to be strengthened: Health Minister | Kerala | Deshabhimani

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Health Minister Veena George has said that the state will strengthen the operations of postcovid clinics in the state in view of the increase in various diseases (postcovid diseases) among Kovid 19 exempt persons. There are 1183 postcovid clinics functioning in the state. In addition, district level postcovid clinics have been started. Postcovid clinics are set up from the primary health center level to the medical colleges. The minister said that he has directed to make these clinics more efficient.

Various reports indicate that Kovid survivors range from excessive fatigue and muscle aches to fatal heart disease and other lifestyle diseases. In the state, 1,99,626 people have sought treatment for post-covid diseases through various hospitals from primary level and 1,58,616 through e-sanjeevani and telemedicine system. Of these, 16,053 were diagnosed with lung, 2976 with heart disease, 7025 with muscle pain, 2697 with neurological and 1952 with mental health symptoms. 1332 people were referred for specialist treatment. 356 people needed inpatient treatment. Recognizing this situation, the Department of Health is prioritizing postcovid clinics.

With the help of hopefuls, arrangements have been made to monitor post-covid free people from the field level and take those with problems to the nearest postcovid clinic to make postcovid treatment effective. These patients will be examined at the primary health centers under the guidance of the Medical Officer. They will be treated for minor ailments and registered for follow-up. Arrangements will be made for referral of patients in need of specialist treatment to specialty and post-co-clinics and medical colleges at taluk and district hospitals.

A committee has been formed in the State Rapid Response Team at the State Control Room to coordinate these activities and for postcovid clinics. With the help of the State Health Agency, a system has been set up to monitor the activities of postcovid clinics in private sector hospitals.

No one should take postcovid symptoms lightly. The minister requested that treatment be sought through e Sanjeevani or postcovid clinics. For inquiries, please contact Direction 104 and 1056

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