Seung-beom Ko “Entering the ‘caution’ stage of the stock market… Strengthen monitoring”

[아이뉴스24 이재용,박은경 기자] Koh Seung-beom, chairman of the Financial Services Commission, announced that he would raise the level of monitoring for the stock market by one notch.

Chairman Koh met with reporters after the ‘Plenary Meeting of the Financial Development Council’ held at the Bank Hall in Myeong-dong, Seoul on the 25th and said, “According to the system established by the Financial Services Commission, the stock market entered the cautionary stage as of yesterday.”

Koh Seung-beom, Chairman of the Financial Services Commission. [사진=금융위원회]

Chairman Koh said, “The Financial Services Commission has prepared a capital market contingency plan. When it becomes caution, alert, or serious, it has a manual on how to respond by sector, such as stocks, foreign exchange, and corporate credit.” explained.

In response to the question of ‘several incidents that occurred at KOSDAQ-listed corporations at the beginning of the year’ mentioned in the remarks at the meeting, he said, “I told you about the things that have been reported recently. We will improve it,” he said.

However, it evaluated that “the situation is still good in terms of other bonds and foreign exchange and corporate credit.”

The importance of strengthening household debt management was also mentioned. He emphasized, “I will be concerned about protection of end-users and protection of the vulnerable class,” but emphasized that “we will strongly push forward with the management of household debt.”

He added, “I don’t think there will be a trend like the increase in household debt from last year, and it will be much more stable and manageable.”

/Joint = Reporter Lee Jae-yong ([email protected]), Park Eun-kyung ([email protected])



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