Seven people were executed in Kuwait

Kuwait City: Kuwait executed seven people in various cases including murder and robbery. The accused was executed after the trial. Four Kuwaiti nationals and three foreigners were executed. They were accused in various cases of murder, drug cases and theft cases and were sentenced to death by the criminal court. The defendants had earlier filed appeals in the Supreme Court, but they were rejected.

Kuwaiti citizens Khalid Saad Muhammad Al Qahtani, Ali Allah Al Jabri, Rabab Adli Mustafa Shehata, Syrian citizen Hamad Ahmed Mahmoud Al Khalaf, Pakistani citizen Rashid Ahmed Nasir Mahmood, and Ethiopian citizen Aisha Nemo Viso were executed today at the Central Prison, officials said. .

This is the first time after a long gap that seven people have been executed together on the same day. 84 people were hanged in the last 53 years. 20 of them are Kuwaitis and 64 are foreigners. Meanwhile, human rights organizations have come forward against the death penalty.

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