Sevilla beat Roma on penalties to clinch a seventh Europa League title

Sevilla beat Roma on penalties to clinch a seventh Europa League title
2023-06-02 09:54:51.0 Source: Xinhuanet
Author: Liu Yang, Chen Hao

The 2022-2023 UEFA Europa League final kicked off at the Puskas Stadium in Budapest, Hungary on the night of the 31st. La Liga Sevilla and Serie A Roma scored 1:1 in regular time and extra time. Villa won 4:1 and won the Europa League (including its predecessor, the UEFA Cup) for the seventh time.

In the 34th minute, the midfielder of the Roma team completed a steal, Mancini sent a direct direct pass, Dybala entered the penalty area and made a successful shot, and the Roma team led 1:0. In the 54th minute, Sevilla winger Keylor Navas was passed from the right, Mancini accidentally hit the ball into his own defense, and Sevilla leveled the scores.

Since then, both sides failed to break through the other side’s gate, and the game was still tied to overtime, and the game went into penalty kicks. Ocampos and Kristante hit in the first round. In the second round, Sevilla’s Argentinian player Lamela hit and Mancini’s penalty was blocked by Sevilla’s Moroccan goalkeeper Bounu with his legs. In the third round, Sevilla’s Rakitic hit, and Roma’s Brazilian defender Ibanez’s penalty was saved by Bunu once again. Argentina defender Montiel, who came off the bench for Sevilla in the fourth round, shot and hit the post. After verification by the video assistant referee, the referee believed that Roma goalkeeper Patricio had gone out of’ r goal line early and a sign of a heavy penalty. Montiel managed to make another penalty overnight, and Sevilla also won the penalty 4:1.

62-year-old Sevilla coach Mendiliba has become the oldest head coach of a winning team in Europa League history. He said after the game: “We didn’t start well and the opponent got into a comfortable rhythm. We turned things around in the second half, which was very difficult. The equalizer gave us confidence and strength. Nothing happened in extra time, but we were very happy. Won the penalty.”

Roma coach Jose Mourinho said: “It was an incredible final. We felt the pressure from our opponents, they were stronger. Even though we lost the game, we didn’t lose our dignity. The players did everything they could . We should go home with pride. We treat the game with humility and poise, and the players deserve this shirt. Everyone reacts differently when they lose the championship. Some people cry , some people don’t cry. In fact, everyone is very sad.”


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