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Sewol Ferry Bereaved Family Moves ‘Memory Space’ to Gwanghwamun…

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The family of the Sewol ferry victims and the April 16th Promise National Solidarity (4.16 Regiment) decided to voluntarily relocate the ‘memory and safety exhibition space (memory space)’ in Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Square to a temporary space for the Seoul City Council.

The families of the victims of the Sewol ferry had a 30-minute meeting from 9:00 pm on the 26th and announced that they had decided to move the memory space to a temporary space according to the mediation plan of the Seoul City Council. The bereaved family members decided to carry out work such as demolition and moving storage items necessary for relocation after the press conference of the bereaved family at 10 am on the 27th.

After the meeting, Jang Dong-won, general manager of the Sewol Families Association, met with reporters and said, “It was agreed with the bereaved family to move the memory space to the temporary space of the Seoul City Council according to the mediation plan of the Seoul City Council.” “Formation of a consultative body (to discuss the place of the memory space) Others will go through additional consultations with the Seoul Metropolitan Government,” he said. Kim Seon-woo, secretary general of the 4.16 Regiment, said, “We have comprehensively organized our position,” and said, “I will reveal the specifics through a press conference tomorrow.”

Earlier, when the city of Seoul announced that it could not keep the memory space in Gwanghwamun Square, the bereaved family protested, urging an alternative solution. The Seoul Metropolitan Government said, “Creating and operating a specific structure in a plaza does not meet the purpose of a new plaza that will be created as an open plaza and pedestrian plaza. It is an unacceptable offer.”

In response, the bereaved family requested an alternative space to remember the Sewol ferry disaster in a place where citizens could come and go, and the Seoul City Council suggested provision of a temporary space within the city council as an alternative.

On the morning of the 26th, when Seoul announced that the ‘Sewol Ferry Memory Space’ in the plaza would be demolished for the restructuring of Gwanghwamun Square, the entrance to the Sewol Ferry Memory Space was opened with Seoul officials and the 4/16 Regiment, the 4/16 Sewol Ferry Tragedy Family Council, and reporters. It looks crowded with yunhap news


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