“Sexual harassment of US women’s soccer has deeply rooted evil”… Investigation Report Revealed

There is a year-long investigation by the Football Federation… “Normal discomfort and insensitivity hardened to exercise”

American women’s soccer league

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(Washington = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Kyung-hee = An investigation report has revealed that sexual harassment within the US women’s soccer team, which was the subject of controversy over a series of sexual scandals last year, has become a deeply rooted evil.

On the 3rd (local time), the American Football Federation released a report on the issue of sexual harassment in women’s soccer, which was launched to investigate the facts and prepare countermeasures after the alleged sexual harassment that happened consecutively last year and shake it all. alliance.

According to the report, constant sexual harassment and assaults were rife between coaches and players throughout the women’s soccer team, starting with the youth team.

“The players made statements of sexual comments, unwanted sexual contact and forced sex,” the report said.

For example, former coach Paul Reilly of Curridge, North Carolina, one of the most prestigious teams in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), approached Melina Sim, a member of the team, for several months sexually, and had demoted her when she refused.

In the case of the former manager of the Louisville team, Christy Holly, there is new confirmation that he personally called a member of the team, Erin Simon, and forcibly intervened.

“So many players are still suffering in silence, because of the fear that no one will help,” said Simon.

The report noted, “Until last year, the women’s football league did not have a policy to prevent sexual harassment itself, and most clubs did not even have a personnel department.”

In addition, he added, “There is a culture in women’s football where players and coaches become familiar with sexual harassment from a young age,” he added.

Earlier last year, the US Women’s Soccer League was mired in controversy, including the cancellation of some games due to allegations of sexual harassment during the season.

In particular, as the players’ revelations continued, Riley and three other coaches were fired one after the other, spreading ripples.

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