‘Sexual Harassment Remarks’ Choi Kang-wook ‘Six-month party suspension’ severe punishment


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Rep. Choi Kang-wook of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was accused of making sexually harassing remarks at a party meeting, was severely sanctioned with a six-month suspension of party membership.

By Kim Gun-hwi, staff reporter.

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In April, Rep. Choi Kang-wook was accused of making sexually harassing remarks at an online meeting attended by fellow lawmakers and aides.

Rep. Choi said, “Are you acting like young students are doing ‘jjjjjjal’?” and insisted that there was no sexual intent.

However, the Ethics Judge of the Democratic Party unanimously decided to impose a severe disciplinary action against Rep. Choi of ‘six-month party membership suspension’.

Of the four-step disciplinary process, it was the second heaviest punishment after expulsion.

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“We have decided to suspend the qualifications of a party member for six months. The party position itself is automatically extinguished, and the qualifications as a party member are also lost.”

The Ethics Tribunal said that Rep. Choi made inappropriate remarks of sexual harassment at a meeting and denied the charges and caused pain to the victims.

He also explained that due to the seriousness of the matter, he also considered the request of the Central Party Ethics Tribunal for an ex officio investigation.

Former Vice Chairman Park Ji-hyeon also called for severe punishment yesterday, saying, “Prove that the Democratic Party has entered the path of innovation by giving a heavy punishment to Rep. Choi.”

The Ethics Tribunal, however, stated that “the consensus view is that it has not been clearly proven” on the suspicion of Choi’s second offense.

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Rep. Choi, who denied his remarks at the Ethics Tribunal yesterday, has not yet revealed an official position on the disciplinary decision.

If Rep. Choi does not request a retrial, it is expected that the disciplinary action will be finalized at the party non-commissioned meeting tomorrow.

This is Kim Gun-hwi from MBC News.

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