SF Holding was rated as a buy by Guohai Securities, and it has recently received 10 research reports from securities companies. The target average price rose by 28.67%_Oriental Fortune Network

  Guohai SecuritiesPosted on April 2ndResearch reportsay, giveSF Holding(002352.SZ, latest price: 49 yuan) Buy rating. The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1)SF HoldingReleased the 2021 annual report; 2) Various businesses maintained steady growth, and some new businesses of SF Express have initially completed scale accumulation; 3) In the fourth quarter, the net profit deducted from non-return to parent companies turned positive year-on-year, and SF Express’ profitability has been quickly restored; 4) From brand synergy to Business synergy, long-term optimistic about the value of new business optionsSF Holding;5) SF Holding releases its annual report for 2021. Risk warning: The growth rate of time-limited parts is lower than expected, cost optimization is lower than expected, macroeconomic growth slows down, competition in mid-to-high-end racetracks intensifies,M&AIntegration was less than expected.

AI Comments: SF Holding has received 10 copies in the past monthbrokerageThe research report paid attention to 7 companies and increased their holdings in 1 company. The average target price was 63.05 yuan, which was 14.05 yuan higher than the latest price of 49 yuan, and the average target price increased by 28.67%.

(Article source: Daily Economic News)

Article source: Daily Economic News

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Original title: SF Holding was rated as a buy by Guohai Securities, and has recently received attention from 10 securities research reports, with an average target price increase of 28.67%

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