SFP, PA… The meaning of the label on the sunscreen


In the past, it was thought to be applied only at summer vacations. sunscreenis now like lotion Daily basic cosmeticsit became but still sun creamattached to label meaningA person who does not know well is the placenta.

Northwestern University School of Medicine in the United States conducted a study on 114 participants. sun cream labelfor understandingconfirmed As a result, the experiment participants less than halfOnly this sunscreen is written on the label. meaning of termswas figuring out term on the label Burning, photoaging (skin aging due to sun exposure), skin cancer etc any skin problemsis it related to understandingthat he was doing

In other words, 49% of the test participants Meaning of ‘SPF’knew This term is UV protection factorIt is an acronym for ‘Sun Protection Factor’.


Not only those who participated in the experiment for the sake of sampling, but a substantial number of people sun creamwritten on label meaningdo not know well According to Professor Jennifer Stein of the Department of Dermatology at New York University Medical Center, even the patients he treats do not know the meaning of the label on the sunscreen and use it.

“At least half of the patients I treat, The meaning of sunscreen“I don’t know.”skinwhich aspect of protectis it possible to get confused” he said.


people do this confusionThe main reason is that sunscreen blocks UV typebecause there are two SPFIs Blocks ultraviolet B (UVB) raysmeans the exponent. Ultraviolet B radiation can be caused by playing all day at the beach. burnin the long run cutaneous cancerwill cause

In addition Ultraviolet A (UVA)Is photoagingis the cause of sunshineoccurs when exposed to skin agingthat it is related to of sunscreen Degree of UVA Protectionis on the label PAis displayed as However, people who do not know exactly this may be confused that SPF can prevent skin aging caused by UV rays.

Dr Rufal Kundu of Northwestern University’s Department of Dermatology, who led the study, said:UV protection factorDepending on the UV BThe degree to which it can be blocked varies.”SPF is 30back side Blocks 97% of UVBdo, 50back side Block 98%do,” he said.

Although most of the participants did not know the exact meaning of SPF, they were relatively well aware of the relative relationship with UVB. SPF figurethe higher the burnor prevent skin cancerHe was aware of the fact that it would be of greater help.


then sun creamHow should I use it? According to the research team, when playing in an outdoor pool or beach, once every 2 hours sunscreen applyshould do Also, since the ultraviolet rays are strong in the middle of the day, even if you apply sunscreen, refrain from outdoor activitiesShould be. If it is unavoidable to do outdoor activities, use thin and cool materials as much as possible. long sleeve clothesor wear Mass productionIt is better to write The study was published in the American Medical Association Dermatology.

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