Shaanxi-style drama returned with honor and impressed Xi’an audiences Wenhua Prize drama “Protagonist” appeared in Silk Road Art Festival

Shaanxi-style drama returned with honor and impressed Xi’an audiences Wenhua Prize drama “Protagonist” appeared in Silk Road Art Festival

2022-09-22 16:19:53Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News The drama “The Protagonist”, which just won the Wenhua Award at the 17th Wenhua Awards, continues to shine at the Silk Road International Arts Festival. The original voice of Qin and Qin Yun, the ups and downs and the magnificent plot, and the superb acting skills of the three generations of actors, old, middle and young, let the audience in Xi’an enjoy a fine feast Shaanxi-style plays for two consecutive days.

“No matter what, we have to perform well and be worthy of the audience. Looking back on the process of creating and rehearsing the play “The Protagonist”, this belief has supported us all way. It took three years to create and rehearse the script, and the script has had 9 revisions. The scriptwriter and the director strive for perfection. The three generations of actors, old, middle and young , worked hard to practice basic skills and created with heart, emotion and energy, and finally, they can present profound, shocking and wonderful work to the audience,” said Li Xuan, president of Shaanxi People’s Art Theater.

The play “The Protagonist” is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Chen Yan who won the Mao Dun Literature Prize. It is one of the “Mao Prize Trilogy” of the Shaanxi People’s Art Theater. The play takes the ups and downs in Qin E’s life as a plot clue, recounts the troubles of several generations of Qinqiang people, and reflects the historical logic and time conditions of the development of traditional Chinese culture. It tells the story of a famous Qin Opera performer recalling Qin E’s struggle of almost half a century and his stage career from an 11-year-old sheep herder to becoming the “Qin Opera Queen” at the age of 51. It reflects the experience of Qin Opera , the oldest opera genre in China, and the whole society in the flood of the times The difficult journey of good and bad things.

After the performance, the enthusiastic audience applauded one after another, and the applause continued, and many people expressed their love for the dialogue drama “Protagonist”. “After more than three hours of performance, I didn’t feel tired at all. My emotions were drawn by the great performances of the actors on stage. I felt the changes for decades in one night, and I really felt the tortured and real life of the famous Qin Opera actors.” Citizen Zhang said the woman. “It is very rare for a drama actor to act a drama actor. You can see that the actor has put a lot of effort into every move!” said Mr. Li, a citizen. It’s so real, so stunning, so amazing!”

The play “The Protagonist” can stand out from many excellent plays. Li Xuan believes that the biggest advantage is that she is rooted in the rich cultural soil of Shaanxi. The literary classics that won the Mao Dun Literature Prize are the native authors of Shaanxi, and they have a vigorous vitality that grows out of the fertile soil of culture. Shaanxi Renyi considers these three masterpieces to be outstanding masterpieces of Shaanxi literature that have ‘lived’ the age’ in the last century, and put it on the stage in form and drama, making the stage a microcosm of Shaanxi regional culture, conveying the spirit and ideals of Shaanxi literature, and showing excellent works with Shaanxi characteristics and the spirit of the age .”

On the stage of the International Silk Road Arts Festival, Li Xuan said, “The International Silk Road Arts Festival is an international and national event that the literary and art workers of Shaanxi, including all over the country, greatly aspire to… After i we will not come. back from the Shanghai show, we rush to set up the stage and participate in the art festival we held. I feel very proud, this is the standard of our culture in Shaanxi.”

Tang Jiaxin, intern at Xi’an Newspaper All-Media Reporter, and Shang Hongtao, reporter

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