Shajon said that he used to applaud Shajietan’s films while studying in school; Prithviraj corrected

Shajon said that he used to applaud Shajietan’s films while studying in school; Prithviraj corrected

Actor Kalabhavan Shajon says that it was his dream to do a film with Shaji Kailash and he is happy to be a part of such a big film like Tiger. Actors including Prithvi, Shajon, Samyukta and Vivek Oberoi were talking to the media as part of the promotion of Tiger.

While talking about his character in the film, Prithviraj corrected himself when Shajon said that he had his school days when he clapped for Shaji Kailas’ films.

Prithvi commented with a smile, ‘How come, you? It was when I was in school.’ Shajon burst out laughing saying that this is the time when I was studying in college.

‘I am the police in this film too. I am very happy to be a part of Tiger. When Shajon said that when we were in school and college, we went to the theater and clapped and wanted to go to school or college as well.

Oh..okay then Shajon burst out saying I was just after college. Being a part of Shaji sir’s film is fun. If you say base, it’s one and a half feet. I had to attend the first end in one of the six feet. The truth is that a tiredness of it still hasn’t changed.

Looking forward to seeing this movie in theatres. A film with Shaji sir was a big dream. It is now possible. And when we fight with Laletan and Raju, we are brave. Beats like that are not good for our body. If Raju asks if he will do this, we can boldly say yes. Because we know we can’t do anything.

And I was in the air. Master was hanging on a rope. I was afraid. Raju says nothing can be done bro from this way or from that distance. If we do that, we can go home safely. This is the kind of classic that you can sit in the theater and watch while whistling. Dare to go to the theatre, Shajon said.

A big promotion is going on for the tiger. Promotion programs of the film were held in cities including foreign countries.

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