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Vadakara പ്രധാനമന്ത്രി The video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi unable to continue his speech due to a teleprompter failure has gone viral. Following this, the Congress has slammed the earlier speech of AN Shamsir MLA praising Modi’s ability in Hindi speech.

‘Modi should preach first Garibi Malom. Modi is not someone who handles English so easily. But speaks Hindi beautifully. It should be said as it is. The other is not for the elderly. The man who claims to be Modi’s predecessor cannot be silenced. Look at the paper and read.

It’s gone. Thank you. Done. He has the ability to look at the audience and preach. For some, speaking is a skill. Some people are born with it. When everyone is born, the preacher is nothing. Will be achieved through constant effort. Modi is a man who can go inside any audience and preach ..’– This is what Shamsir preached then.

This video is now being hacked by congressional cyber groups. Modi’s teleprompter crashed while speaking at the World Economic Forum summit. With this the speech had to be stopped.

English Summary: A.N. Shamseer old speech about Modi




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