Shandong men’s basketball team has arrived in China Ding Yanyuhang: looking forward to joining forces with Lao Ha

Original title: Shandong men’s basketball team has arrived in China Ding Yanyuhang: Looking forward to joining forces with Lao Ha

On November 27, Beijing time, Shandong TV Sports Channel reported that Shandong High Speed ​​Men’s Basketball Team is currently preparing for the game in the basketball hall of the Provincial Sports Training Base. The team conducts confrontation training, and Liu Guancen has basically no problems in training.

There is the latest news from foreign aid, except that Gyllenwater has arrived in the country for 13 days of quarantine, Hudson also arrived in the country, and immediately opened the security quarantine.

In terms of coaching staff, Gong Luming and Layden are already confirmed to join. Among them, the former will officially take office on December 1st, and Layden’s various procedures are being processed.

Regarding the arrival of Hudson, some people in the team said that the visa and vaccine were delayed for some time, and the air ticket was only for these two days. As for Lao Ha’s arrival, Ding Yan Yuhang is full of expectations. He said: “I know Hudson better. I was also a good opponent before. I am naturally looking forward to becoming a teammate. I hope we can have a good cooperation.”Return to Sohu to see more


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