Shane Warne Death unknown German lady found in ambulance | Shane Warne Death: An unidentified German woman in an ambulance carrying Shane Warne’s body; Australian media report security breach

Bangkok : The mystery surrounding the accidental demise of spin legend Shane Warne is on the rise. An unidentified German woman has been found in an ambulance carrying the body of an Australian actor. The presence of a German woman in the ambulance carrying the star’s body has been in the news amid allegations that the death of Shane Warne, who died while on holiday in Thailand, is a mystery.

The German woman was found in an ambulance while being taken for an autopsy to determine the root cause of death. It has been reported that the presence of an unknown woman is linked to the mystery of the actor’s death.

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News that a security breach occurred while transporting Shane Warne’s body for autopsy. COAU reports. On the way to take Vaughn’s body for an autopsy, a German woman enters the ambulance with flowers in her hand and spends about 40 seconds in it. Following the reports, the Thai police launched a case and launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, Thai police say they are a fan of the German woman Vaughn and have come to pay their last respects to the star. However, Australian media reported that Thai authorities allowed the German woman to see Vaughan after being told she had a close relationship with the dead Australian star.

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The German woman was taken into an ambulance after Thai authorities told her she knew Vaughn and was a friend of the actor.

At the same time, the autopsy report says that there is no mystery behind the death of the spin legend and that the cause of death was a heart attack.

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