Shane Warne | Two young women arrive at villa two hours before Vaughn’s death; CCTV footage outside

On the day of the death of legendary Australian cricketer Shane Warne, four young women reportedly came to the villa to see him. About two hours before Shane Warne was found dead, four young women arrived at his villa for a massage.

Various media outlets have reported the incident, citing Thai police. CCTV footage also emerged of four young women arriving at the villa where Vaughn and his friends were staying. According to international media reports, they were the last to see Vaughn alive.

However, Thai police said there was no suspicion of his death. The post-mortem report also revealed that Vaughn’s death was due to natural causes.

According to the footage, four young women arrived at the villa at 1.53pm on the day Vaughn was found dead. Two of the girls went to the room where Shane Vaughan was staying for a massage. The girls, who spent about two hours there, left at 2.58am, police said, citing CCTV footage. About two and a half hours after they returned from the villa, Vaughn was found dead by friends.

According to police, Vaughn was last seen alive by a group of young women who came for a massage. Meanwhile, Thai police have ruled out the possibility of any kind of mystery surrounding Vaughn’s death.

Six days after his death, his body was brought home the previous day. Many people, including friends and fans, arrived at the airport.

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Shane Warne is considered one of the best players in world cricket. Von-Tendulkar and Von-Lara fights were famous. Shane Warne is the second highest wicket – taker in the world. Vaughan has taken 708 wickets in 145 Tests.

He took 293 wickets in 194 ODIs. He also took 1001 wickets in international cricket during his long career from 1992 to 2007. Vaughan has taken five wickets in 37 Tests and 10 wickets in 10 innings. He scored 3154 runs in Tests and 1018 runs in ODIs.

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