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Shanghai added 3 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia today, and passenger flights at Pudong Airport are operating normally | Shanghai | New crown pneumonia_Sina News

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Original title: Shanghai today added 3 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, currently passenger flights at Pudong Airport are operating normally

News from China Central Broadcasting Network on August 21 (Reporter Yang Jing) According to the China Voice of China Central Radio and Television “News Evening Peak”, yesterday (20th) 0-24 o’clock, Shanghai reported 2 confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia. These two cases are currently being treated in isolation at the Municipal Public Health Clinical Center, and their condition is stable. The close contacts of the two confirmed cases who had been quarantined and observed yesterday were investigated overnight. Today, all three cases were found to be diagnosed as confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia (light type), and they have been transferred to the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center for isolation and treatment. In other words, a total of 5 confirmed cases involving Pudong Airport reported yesterday and today have been treated in isolation at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center.

Today, the three cases are all foreign cargo aircraft operators at Pudong Airport, and they have all been vaccinated against the new crown. As of 10 am on the 21st, a total of 120 close contacts in Shanghai have been investigated for this local epidemic in Pudong. All of them have been quarantined. 3 of them have tested positive for nucleic acid, which is the 3 new cases added today. The 729 people who have been in close contact in Shanghai have all been quarantined, and the nucleic acid test results are all negative. A total of 74,879 people were screened in Shanghai, of which 74,639 had a negative nucleic acid test result, and the rest are being tested.

So far, 939 tests on articles and environmental samples from relevant places have been completed, of which 14 samples have positive nucleic acid test results, and the remaining test results are all negative. Wu Jinglei, Director of Shanghai Health Commission:

“According to the relevant requirements of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism, the Office of the Shanghai Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic has decided to move the Qianhuiyuan Yicun Community, Lane 280, Qianhui Road, Zhuqiao Town, Pudong New Area and Qianhui Town, Zhuqiao Town, Pudong New Area. Zhuheyuanbei District, Lane 1000, is classified as a medium-risk area, and the risk level of other areas in Shanghai remains unchanged. The recent local epidemic has once again shown that the string of epidemic prevention and control must always be tight, without the slightest paralysis, slackness and fluke relaxation In the next step, we will not relax, pay close attention to the various measures of’external defense input, internal defense rebound’, carry forward the spirit of’never stay overnight’, and do our best to trace the source of flow regulation, isolation control, nucleic acid testing, and medical treatment. Rescue and other work, further give full play to the role of’monitoring posts’ such as fever clinics and fever sentinel clinics, and strictly implement the’four morning’ requirements, so that emergency response will be ahead of the spread of the virus.”

The global epidemic is still severe. As a very large city, Shanghai is still struggling to prevent imports from outside and rebound from within. The dean of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and Academician Ning Guang said that personnel in high-risk positions must take good care of personal protection, as well as be conscious and self-disciplined. Ning Guang:

“For more than a year and a half, the majority of front-line staff in the epidemic prevention line have undertaken epidemic prevention tasks at the same time as their daily work. They have worked hard and achieved great results. They have ensured the city safety of Shanghai and the normal life of the citizens. We should thank them. Medical institutions are feverish. Medical staff in key departments such as outpatient clinics, as well as staff who serve the airport and foreign airlines, contacts of imported cold chain items, centralized isolation observation places, and other work that may directly come into contact with suspicious cases, foreign personnel, cold chain items, contaminated environment, etc. Personnel, the risk of contracting the new crown virus is much higher than other positions. It is necessary to complete the entire vaccination process in accordance with the principle of doing everything possible, do a good job of daily health monitoring and routine nucleic acid screening, strengthen personnel training, and strictly implement personal protection Measures, standardize work processes, strictly implement management measures and work specifications for different positions in accordance with job requirements, and avoid infection caused by negligence in personal protection. Increase support and protection for high-risk personnel, create good working and living conditions, and make reasonable arrangements Its work and rest schedules ensure sleep and rest. Personnel in high-risk positions must take good personal protection, as well as be conscious and self-disciplined.”

At the epidemic press conference held today, Wang Xiaojie, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, said that Pudong Airport adheres to the principle of strict separation of passenger and cargo aircraft guarantees, and strict separation of guarantees for overseas flights and domestic flights, and implements strict “human, material, and environmental protection.” Closed-loop management of epidemic prevention and control, and passenger flights at Pudong Airport are currently operating normally. Wang Xiaojie:

“At present, passenger flights at Pudong Airport are operating normally and will not have a major impact on citizens’ air travel. The guarantee of cargo flights will be affected to a certain extent. Pudong Airport is actively organizing forces and doing its best to provide maximum service guarantee for cargo flights.”

In addition, Wang Xiaojie said that the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission has urged Shentong Metro Group to implement various epidemic prevention and control measures.


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