Shanghai Energy Conservation Awareness Week kicks off today. Industry and telecommunications strive to save 1% of energy every year – Xinhua

Shanghai Energy Conservation Awareness Week kicks off today Industrial and telecommunication industry strives to save 1% of energy consumption per yearFly into the homes of ordinary people

Caption: Photo courtesy of a group of green manufacturing demonstration units that were awarded licenses at the Energy Conservation Publicity Week

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Ye Wei) The opening ceremony of the 2022 Shanghai Energy Conservation Propaganda Week was held today. The energy conservation propaganda week closely follows the theme of “green and low carbon, energy saving first”. Lifestyle, while actively creating a strong atmosphere of energy saving and carbon reduction, a series of activities have been launched to help resume work and production.

At the opening ceremony, the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “110th Action Plan for Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction in Shanghai’s Industrial and Communication Industry (2022-2025)”, specifying the timetable and route for energy conservation and carbon reduction in the industrial and communication industries. Drawings and construction drawings, promote enterprises to strengthen energy efficiency management, improve the level of digitalization, empower energy-saving and carbon-reduction transformation, continue to improve energy efficiency, and strive to save an average of 1% of energy consumption per year.

The Municipal Transportation Commission released the “2021 Shanghai Green Transportation Development Annual Report”. The “Report” shows that in 2021, Shanghai will adhere to carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion, and coordinated development of growth. It will give full play to its advantages as a port city and railway hub, and strive to make up for it. We will continue to optimize business processes, optimize transportation structure, and improve transportation efficiency. Rail transit travel is more convenient, and the total mileage of urban rail operation lines reaches 831 kilometers. A total of 347 bus lines were optimized, and the accuracy rate of bus arrival forecast reached 97%. The electrification transformation of road transportation is accelerated, and the annual promotion of new energy vehicles is 254,000, an increase of 110% over 2020.

In order to ensure the innovative application of green and low-carbon technologies in enterprises, the green transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises, and the capital needs for the resumption of work and production of small and medium-sized energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises, the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch and Bank of China Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Bank of Shanghai Co., Ltd., Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch The branch signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Financial Cooperation in Shanghai Industrial Green and Low-Carbon Development, with a total financing intention of 80 billion yuan.

In addition, during the publicity week, 3,000 copies of the “Shanghai Green Passport” (2022 edition) will be distributed free of charge, covering 21 venues. Citizens can apply for registration online through the WeChat public accounts of “Shanghai Energy Conservation Promotion” and “Shanghai Science Energy Conservation Exhibition Hall”. After the registration is successful, go to the Shanghai Science and Energy Conservation Exhibition Hall to collect them at the designated time; Alipay will distribute a special subsidy of 25 yuan to all citizens for resumption of work and production; Meituan Bicycle will provide Shanghai citizens with exclusive card purchase discounts from June 13 to 19 .

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