Shanghai moves back to normal Lift the lockdown on June 1, Beijing eases strict measures against COVID-19

Chinese people come to exercise at Sun Park in Beijing, China It reopened on May 29 after the Beijing government relaxed some of its austerity measures. (Reuters)

Shanghai moves back to normal Lift the lockdown on June 1, Beijing eases strict measures against COVID-19

Shanghai, China’s financial and innovation hub Announcing on Sunday it will take additional steps to return to normalcy and prepare to lift the two-month lockdown this week. while Beijing, the capital, has reopened public transport. Shopping malls, gyms and other places in part to relax part of the measure Due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 is in a stable state

Shanghai, a city of 25 million people, aims to end the lockdown that has hit the country’s economy hard from Wednesday (June 1).


Shanghai local government spokesman Yin Xin said that Shanghai is China’s most populous city. It will ease coronavirus testing requirements on Wednesday, June 1 for people who wish to enter public areas, and said the epidemic in the city was now stable and the situation had improved. Shanghai’s strategy is now moving towards a normal level of defense and control.

However, people who use public areas or use public transportation A negative PCR result must be displayed within 72 hours from the 48 hours previously scheduled. while buses operate within the Pudong area. which is home to Shanghai’s largest international airport and financial center It will resume full service on Monday (June 30).

while Plaza 66, a large department store that houses luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and other famous brands. Reopened on Sunday (29 May) and the authorities are still gradually easing various strict measures. By focusing on the manufacturing sector to resume normal operations as well.


part of beijing capital of china The strict measures have been relaxed. by public activity areas such as libraries, museums, theaters and exercise facilities. Authorized to resume service this Sunday. under a limited number of service users in community areas without COVID-19 patients New cases emerged in the last 7 days in a row.

Various areas in Fangshan and Chunyi districts will end the work-from-home rule While most public transport will resume operations mainly in these two districts. as in Zhaoyang District It is Beijing’s largest district, however, a ban on dining in restaurants across the city is still in place.

This Sunday Shanghai has reported more than 100 cases of the coronavirus, while Beijing has reported 21 cases, reflecting a decline in the number of infections nationwide in China.

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