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Shanghai Shenhua coach Wu Jingui: Young players are surprising and surprising

Xinhua News Agency, Nanjing, January 10 (Reporter Wang Hengzhi) The semi-finals of the 2022 Chinese Football Association Cup will be held on the 11th. The head coach of Shanghai Shenhua, Wu Jingui, said in an official interview with the Chinese Football Association Cup that the performance of young players in the last two games I was surprised and pleasantly surprised by the performance, and reached the standard of the development direction in the future, but it is difficult to remain upset, “We are very satisfied and have tried our best.”

Shanghai Shenhua is the only team in the semi-finals without foreign aid. In the quarter-finals, they sent a line-up dominated by under-21 players. In both rounds, they eliminated the Cangzhou Lions 7: 1. continues to play in the semi-finals Plays mainly with young players. Wu Jingui said: “For young players, this kind of game is an opportunity, and the opportunity came by chance. Their performance really surprised and surprised me.”

Wu Jingui said that these young players are very mature. From Fernando to midfielder Qi Long, as well as Zhu Yue, He Longhai, Zhou Zhengkai, Jiang Zhixin and other players, their performance has reached the standard of the team’s development direction in the future. Forward quickly, forward positively, boldly forward.

Looking ahead to the semi-finals with Shandong Taishan, Wu Jingui said: “The real test is to meet a team like Shandong Taishan in the semi-finals. Whether it’s the quality of the Chinese players, the overall ability of the players, or the level the foreign aid, the Taishan team will be able to compete with them.” This is the time to test young players.” He revealed that his requirements for young players are not whether they can beat their opponents, but whether they can have confidence, play to their own level, minimize mistakes, minimize conceding the ball, whether can you create chances and score goals at critical moments.

At one point, Wu Jingui led Shenhua to win the FA Cup in 2017. On the one hand, he bluntly said, “If you are not strong, you will definitely be able to defeat me in the cup.” At the same time, he admitted that the situation is different this time. Some players have always had a fever, which is beyond the team’s control. , “It will be difficult for us to be upset, but we are very satisfied and have tried our best.”

As for who will win the championship, Wu Jingui believes that it is difficult to say who will stand on the podium, “it depends on everyone’s preparation and performance.”