Shanghai Shenhua Loses 1-0 to Zhejiang in Yangtze River Delta Derby

Shanghai Shenhua Defeated 1-0 by Zhejiang in Yangtze River Delta Derby

Contributions from Yu Hanchao and Evra Lead to Zhejiang’s Victory

The highly anticipated match between Shanghai Shenhua and Zhejiang took place on July 7th during the 15th round of the 2023 Super League season. The game proved to be an intense battle, with Zhejiang ultimately emerging victorious with a score of 1-0.

Zhejiang halted their six-game unbeaten streak in the previous round, suffering a 1-2 defeat against the Cangzhou Lions. Despite this setback, the team showed resilience and determination to secure a win in the Yangtze River Delta Derby. New signing Leonardo made his debut but failed to find the net, highlighting the need for further integration within the team.

Shanghai Shenhua, on the other hand, also experienced disappointment in their previous match, losing 1-2 to the Jinmen Tigers. However, the return of their captain, Wu Xi, from injury provided a glimmer of hope. Both teams exhibited improving form, promising an exciting midfield battle between the likes of Dai Weijun and Wu Xi.

The game kicked off with an impressive display from the Zhejiang team. In the 5th minute, Cheng Jin attempted a shot from the left side of the penalty area, which was expertly blocked by Bao Yaxiong. The Zhejiang team continued their relentless attack, with Mu Xiekui and Evra posing significant threats to the Shenhua defense.

The turning point came in the 12th minute when Yu Hanchao displayed his brilliance. Bassogo’s precise pass allowed Yu Hanchao to break through and score the first goal of the match, putting Shenhua behind 1-0.

Zhejiang continued to dominate in the first half, creating several opportunities. However, attempts by Malalai and Xu Haoyang’s header were unsuccessful, narrowly missing the target.

In the second half, both teams fought hard to gain an advantage. Malele managed to find the back of the net with a powerful header from a pass by Yu Hanchao in the 53rd minute, but the goal was disallowed due to an offside position detected by VAR.

Evra almost extended Zhejiang’s lead in the 92nd minute with a free kick that struck the crossbar. Despite their efforts, Shanghai Shenhua failed to equalize, resulting in a 1-0 victory for Zhejiang.

Zhejiang’s starting lineup consisted of Zhao Bo, Liang Nuoheng, Wang Dongsheng, Yue Xin, Lucas (substituted by Sun Zhengao in the 78th minute), Qian Jiegi (substituted by Gu Bin in the 67th minute), Li Tixiang (substituted by Yao Junsheng in the 46th minute), Cheng Jin (substituted by Gaudi in the 67th minute), Evra, Mu Xiekui, and Leonardo.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Shenhua fielded Bao Yaxiong, Yan Xinli, Jiang Shenglong, Zhu Chenjie, Yang Zexiang (substituted by Eddie in the 78th minute), Amadu, Xu Haoyang (substituted by Dai Weijun in the 62nd minute), Yu Hanchao (substituted by Jin Yangyang in the 78th minute), Wang Haijian (substituted by Wu Xi in the 78th minute), Malelai, and Bassogo (substituted by Teixeira in the 70th minute).

The match showcased the perseverance and skill of both teams, making it a thrilling encounter. Zhejiang’s victory against Shanghai Shenhua further solidifies their position in the standings, while Shenhua looks to bounce back from this defeat in their upcoming matches.

Original title: Chinese Super League-Yu Hanchao contributed to Evra’s crossbeam Shenhua 1-0 Zhejiang won the Yangtze River Delta Derby

Beijing time on July 7th, the competition for the 15th round of the 2023 Super League season began, and the Zhejiang team presented the challenge of Shanghai Shenhua at home. In the first half of the game, Yu Hanchao scored, Mu Xiekui and Evra made dangers. In the second half, Malele scored with a header and was blown. Evra hit the crossbar with a free kick. In the end, the game ended and Defeated Shanghai Shenhua 1-0. For the Zhejiang team, it is worth noting that this is Shenhua’s eighth 1-0 win this season.

The Zhejiang team stopped the unbeaten momentum of 6 rounds in the last round. They lost 1-2 to the Cangzhou Lions and are temporarily 9th in the standings. New help Leonardo had the chance to play, but he did not succeed without scoring goals, he still needs time to integrate into the team. Shanghai Shenhua didn’t win either, they lost 1-2 to the Jinmen Tigers. Although they lost, the good news came for the Shenhua team. Captain Wu Xi returned from injury. This game is likely to have a chance to play for Dai Weijun specific period The condition of both is also improving day by day, and the midfield combination of these two is worth looking forward to.

In the 5th minute after the start of the game, the Zhejiang team played smoothly in the front court. Cheng Jin received the ball from the left side of the penalty area, and Bao Yaxiong blocked the shot with his right foot. In the 9th minute, the Zhejiang team attacked with a long pass from the back court, and the Shenhua defender headed Not far from the clearance, Mu Xiekui stopped the ball in the chest outside the penalty area, volleyed with his left foot , and the ball missed the left post; in the 12th minute, Bassogo made a long pass from the right side of the midfielder, Yu Hanchao’s left rib Stop the ball + pass at the same time, then rushed to the penalty area at high speed, facing Liang Nuoheng’s block, he scored with a low left foot shot, and Shenhua led the Zhejiang team 1-0;

In the 18th minute, Xu Haoyang took a corner kick on the right, and Malalai headed the goal; in the 34th minute, Bassogo crossed the penalty area from the right, and Xu Haoyang shook his head and flew out of the baseline; in the 36th minute, Yang Zexiang The midfielder sent a ball through, and Malele accelerated from between the two defenders to have a one-handed chance, but his push shot was blocked by Zhao Bo, and then Malele got the ball again from a small angle and slipped past the goal;

In the 39th minute, Qian Jie took a free kick from the left side of the front court and directly attacked the goal. Bao Yaxiong fell to the ground in front of the goal line and saved the ball to the bottom line; in the 40th minute, Xu Haoyang’s nose was crushed and bled by the opponent during the corner kick defense; In the 44th minute, the Zhejiang team counterattacked. Leonardo passed from the right. Mu Xiekui stopped the ball in the penalty area and knocked back. 1 behind Shenhua;

He changed sides to fight again. In the 48th minute, Malele managed to make a sharp pass from the left side of the penalty area and was cleared. Amadou followed with a shot from outside the penalty area and missed the goal; in the 53rd minute, Yu Hanchao passed from the left, and Malele A’s header from the middle of the penalty area into the penalty corner, but VAR intervened. When Yu Hanchao passed the ball, Malele was in an offside position and the goal was invalid. 56th minute, Evra’s cross was cleared, and Qian Jie got the ball from outside the penalty area with a long shot over the bar;

In the 75th minute, Wang Haijian shot from outside the penalty area and it went wide, Yu Hanchao fired the anti-aircraft gun without stopping the ball; in the 82nd minute, Shenhua made a long pass from the back court and counterattacked. 91 minutes, the Zhejiang team made a pass from the right, Leonardo pressed Jin Yangyang, turned and volleyed and was saved by Bao Yaxiong; in the 92nd minute, Evra took a free kick in front of the penalty area and directly attacked the The ball hit the crossbar and popped out; at the end of the game, Shenhua beat Zhejiang team 1-0 away from home. (DD)

Zhejiang Starter: 33-Zhao Bo, 2-Liang Nuoheng, 20-Wang Dongsheng, 28-Yue Xin, 36-Lucas (78′ 4-Sun Zhengao), 8-Qian Jiegi (67′ 31-Gu Bin), 10- Li Tixiang (46′ 6-Yao Junsheng), 22-Cheng Jin (67′ 9-Gaudi), 17-Evra, 30-Mu Xiekui, 45-Leonardo;

Subs: 12-Lai Jinfeng, 3-Wang Yan, 5-Liu Haofan, 18-Ablikmu, 21-Ji Shengpan, 23-Wu Yuhang, 26-Yin Jie;

Shanghai Shenhua starting: 30-Bao Yaxiong, 2-Yan Xinli, 4-Jiang Shenglong, 5-Zhu Chenjie, 16-Yang Zexiang (78′ 32-Eddie), 6-Amadu, 7-Xu Haoyang (62′ 9- Dai Weijun), 20-Yu Hanchao (78′ 22-Jin Yangyang), 33-Wang Haijian (78′ 15-Wu Xi), 11-Malelai, 17-Bassogo (70′ 10-Teixeira);

Subs: 31-Xue Qinghao, 8-Liu Ruofan, 18-Zhang Wei, 19-Zhu Yue, 24-Xu Yougang, 35-He Longhai, 38-Wen Jiabao. Return to Sohu to see more

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