Shanxi elementary school was bombed according to backgrounds such as “powerful children” | Xinzhou, Shanxi | Yuanping City No. 1 Primary School | Family Survey

[Epoch Times November 04, 2021]Recently, a class of Yuanping No. 1 Primary School in Xinzhou, Shanxi conducted a survey on the family situation of students. The students were divided into 11 categories according to their parents’ backgrounds, including “children of power monopoly departments” and “leaders”. “Children” and so on, aroused an uproar in the public opinion.

A statistical table of students in the third grade and second class of Yuanping No. 1 Primary School in Shanxi has been circulating on the Internet. The table divides students into 11 categories: female students, divorced single-parent students, dropout students, leaders’ children, business owners’ children, and powers. Children of the monopoly department, students whose parents have criminal records, students with poor academic performance and poor grades, students from other places or from various relationships, students who fall in love, and students whose parents have religious beliefs.

The “children of the power monopoly department”, “children of leaders”, and children of business bosses in this classification have obvious hierarchical divisions and discriminatory questionnaires, which aroused the resentment of the outside world.

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Wang Renping, a big V on Sina Weibo in mainland China, said in a post, “After reading these 11 categories, you can classify high and low according to parental power, or label according to student performance. This is not only an infringement on the privacy of students’ family information, but also a humiliation to students’ dignity. , They are all very obvious cross-border and ultra-powerful behavior. Even if the teacher does not treat students differently, this kind of information collection itself is instilling the concepts of power, relationship, and hierarchy in the students. It is a very bad and very dirty’education’ .”

Yang Hongxu, deputy dean of the E-House Research Institute, said, “Let’s see, where is the teacher’s ethics? A malignant tumor in China’s education sector!”

On November 2, the staff of Yuanping No. 1 Primary School responded to Lu Media that the investigation of this matter had been stopped, and some head teachers did not understand this meaning, and his approach was inappropriate. (The school) did this work according to the above arrangement, but he “has not had a deep understanding of the spirit of the meeting, lack of understanding, and improper practice.”

On the same day, Yuanping City Education and Technology Bureau issued a notice stating that it would criticize Yuanping No. 1 Elementary School in the city’s education system, admonish the principal of Yuanping No. 1 Elementary School, and give Yuanping No. 1 Elementary a warning to the deputy principal in charge, and cancel the third-grade teaching and research group leader and the third-grade ( 2) The teacher in charge of the class evaluates the qualifications of the excellent evaluation model in the current year, and is not allowed to be promoted to the professional title in the current year.

Regarding this, mainland netizens did not buy it and said, “It is obviously a unified registration form for the whole school, and it was not made by a certain class teacher.” “If the school does not indicate, the class teacher will find work on his own.” Each school sent it down and asked the head teacher to do the statistics.” “The head teacher is also very miserable.

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